Rapper Young Buck Reveals Watching Birdman Kiss Lil Wayne On The Lips, Says Birdman Never Played With Him Or Juvenile Like That

Rapper Young Buck’s been in the crosshairs of his old group mate 50 Cent for some time but now, the former Cash Money Records rapper may find himself in trouble with another hip-hop impresario – Birdman from Cash Money. The rapper first got his start at the label in 2015 and he’s sharing some memories that might stir up some old feelings.

The picture of Birdman and Lil Wayne kissing that was captured by paparazzi years ago was the subject on hand when Buck sat down recently with DJ Vlad, and it’s one that continues to make the rounds over the years – with good reason, according to some of the people that have been involved with the label of the years.

An old video clip reemerged recently, in which Lil Wayne is seen talking to younger artist Lil Twist, who was signed to label Cash Money Records. Wayne ask Lil Twist if he’s having sex yet. Wayne then launches into the story of how, at the age of 11, he experienced a grown woman and “loved it.”

Wayne also recounted there were adults in the room, including head of the label and his “Paw,” as Wayne calls him, Birdman. Despite their closeness and history, the two have often ended up at odds with each other in the courts and over money. It’s clear in the video that Wayne still had strong loyalty to Birdman.

Sadly, Lil Wayne claims the encounter made him “Lil Wayne,” and seems to have set the atmosphere for the different types of interactions that it seems Birdman has had with a number of his Cash Money artists over the years. It’s one of family and more of a “father” like atmosphere, according to some.

Others have used it as a wedge in the notoriously homophobic world of hip-hop music, which even Young Buck has had dalliances with, according to his old boss 50 Cent. At one point, 50 Cent began trolling Young Buck after rumors emerged that he may have been dating someone on the LGBTQIA spectrum. Even with that, Young Buck told DJ Vlad that he none of what happened with Wayne happened to him or rapper Juvenile while they were there.

In a clip of his interview with DJ Vlad, Vlad shows a clip of Turk, another rapper from Cash Money Records back in the day, talking about the picture of Birdman and Lil Wayne kissing. Asking Turk, Vlad said that he remembered Birdman addressing the issue and called Wayne “his son,” offering that as an explanation for the kiss on the lips.

Turk thought that it was just brotherly love and playfulness, alongside a real connection that Birdman has with some of the artists that have been affiliated with his label for a long time. Turk said that they all used to do it.

Buck, however, said that him and Juvenile never participated in those types of displays. Turk’s account also seemed to back up the fact that Juvenile truly didn’t participate, and he’s famous for leaving the label in 2001 – and taking Buck with him.

When Buck is asked if he ever saw Birdman and Lil Wayne kissing during his time on the label, he says, “Yeah,” but made sure to be clear that Birdman never “played” with him or Juvenile in “that way.”

See the clip below.

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