Ray J Trending On Twitter After Fans Accuse Singer Of Starting Tupac & Biggie Beef After Claiming Faith Was Sitting On Tupac’s Lap In Studio

Over the years, R&B singer, actor, and reality star Ray J has gone from “Wait a minute, ain’t that Brandy’s brother?” to making quite the name for himself. There are times that he’s been quiet to most, yet silently working on his next moves, and then there are times that Ray J is loud and out in the world showing what he’s doing or done. Outside of the music, he’s provided some of the most memorable moments in Hip-Hop culture. His history in the entertainment industry dates back to when he was a youngin’ hanging out with major stars in the Death Row camp.

Since then, Ray J’s been linked to some major players in the entertainment world. From the s*x tape with Kim Kardashian that arguably propelled her career to the stratosphere, to his calling Power 105.1 with the infamous Fabolous rant, Ray’s given moments.

Rapper Vince Staples once on Hot97‘s “Real Late With Rosenberg” that “Everything we love is directly related to Ray J.” He then went on a rant to further prove his statement with some pretty valid points. Staples followed it up with an interview with an intrigued GQ on his theory on why Ray J was one of the greats in his opinion, from being responsible for the Kardashian empire, to his effect on Kanye.

“Listen though. When you Google Ray J these are the people that come up that are associated with him,” he stated before listing celebrities that have an undoubted history with the singer, real name William Norwood II. “Kim Kardashian, Brandy, Kanye West, Whitney Houston, Damon Thomas, Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush, Lil Kim, Robert Kardashian, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Omarion. You show me someone who has such a star-studded line-up associated with them and then we can have a conversation.

Some people missing out on Staples’s list are Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., and Faith Evans. The Internet, however, is here with a reminder as conspiracy theorists are fielding their thoughts in the direction of Ray J being the reason for the major East Coast/West Coast Beef of the 90s.

The deadly beef birthed some of the most infamous diss tracks in Hip-Hop history, including Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” which was allegedly aimed at his former friend-turned-foe, Biggie. The song debuted 25 years ago, and fans are celebrating the moment. A tweet was sent out which shared some information that reignited conversation surrounding the song, and also reminded fans of previous statements made by Ray J.

“25 years ago today, Tupac drops Hit Em Up,” the tweet began. “Faith says nothing happened Snoop’s cousin is running around Death Row He’s only 15 He says he saw Faith sitting on Tupac’s lap in the studio Wait a minute ain’t that…,” and then a picture of a young Brandy and Ray are attached along with the tweet.

The tweet refers to an interview Ray J did with Rhapsody.com in 2008 where he candidly recounts a memory of one of the times he was hanging with Tupac and some other heavy hitters in the Hip-Hop world.

“We walked in one day and Faith was sitting on Pac’s lap while Pac was writing a verse,” Ray J explained. “It was like, ‘What TF is going on?’ That was one of the craziest sights, dog. Faith was in Pac’s lap. I was like, ‘WTF? I know I’m not? Is that? It can’t?’ Three weeks later, ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ came out.”

He added: “There’s a couple of people that came up out of that camp. Bow Wow was in Snoop’s camp. Keyshia Cole was always through Death Row in her younger days. I used to see Keyshia all the time in there with Pac. I’m not hating on nobody. I got love for Faith. That was unbelievable, during the time of the East Coast-West Coast beef.” 

Soon after that tweet, Ray J quickly began to trend on Twitter as fans began to believe that Ray was the cause of the whole drama. Check out some reactions below.

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