Raz-B Calls Out Chris Stokes For Silencing Him

For over a decade now, Raz-B of B2K has battled group members and their former manager, Chris Stokes, over disturbing claims. When Raz-B first came forward with his allegations, Stokes and others became very tight-lipped and mostly kept their distance from the ‘troubled singer.’ As years went by, Raz-B was able to mend his relationship with bandmembers somewhat until the group decided to reunite for a tour in 2019. Soon as the tour began, Raz-B walked away, claiming he felt unsafe around Chris Stokes.

Since the tour, Raz-B has had many public outbursts detailing his complicated relationship with group members. Just one week ago, the singer dropped a cryptic note accusing certain group members of blocking him.

Although the singer didn’t call anyone by name, many fans took Raz-B’s side with one stating, “He’s been saying this for years about that damn Chris Stokes guys. Smh. I believe him. Ain’t nobody gon make up no sh*t like this. I hope that guy don’t still be working w/ kids.”

Now Raz-B is back with a new interview with Hollywood Unlock’s Jason Lee. During the interview, the singer details his experience with Chris Stokes, and why young boys who are in similar situations aren’t taken seriously or intimidated into silence. The interview was scheduled to be released today on Fox Soul. However, plans were derailed when Fox Soul received a cease and desist from Chris Stokes’ legal team.

Jason Lee took to Instagram to reveal Fox Soul contacted him, and the premiere of his interview with Raz-B was canceled due to legal matters.

“So I just got off the phone with @foxsouland the interview with @razb_b2k that was scheduled to air tonight won’t be airing, Lee stated. “In the interview, Raz and I discussed why young boys and men who alleged abuse aren’t taken seriously or intimidated into silence, and then this happens!” Lee ended the video revealing he was also a victim, and he will not allow Raz-B to be silenced.

After news broke, Raz-B went online, stating he was tired of being bullied and how he’s planning to handle the situation moving forward.

“Check this out, I’m tired of being bullied. I’m a grown a** man. I’m 35-years-old, I’m not a little kid,” Raz-B states. “I’m tired of you [messing] with me, so this is how we gon do this… We ain’t on no street s–t, we ain’t gon’ send nobody to see you. You ain’t gotta send nobody to see me, but what we will do – is when I see you, I’m smackin’ the s–t out yo ass. The singer went on, “I want to catch a fade. That’s the only thing I want”

Check out the video below:

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