R&B Singer Mya Reveals She Struggles Dating Men Who Eat Meat After Kissing Man With Bad Breath: “I Smelled Death On His Breath”

It can be extremely hard for a person who is a non-smoker to date someone who is a smoker. Just as well it can be hard for someone who is not a drinker to be with someone who drinks often. Why? Outside of the social aspect, there is the fact that both activities affect the breath of whoever is participating. Now it seems as though the same can be said for vegans and meat-eaters because let singer Mya tell it, the effects are like “death.”

Mya has adopted a healthier lifestyle for years, first becoming a pescatarian to then trying out a vegetarian diet. She then began her transition into veganism, a trend and lifestyle that many celebrities from Beyonce to Lizzo recently also adopting it and reeling from the benefits.

The “Lady Marmalade” singer is never one to hide her love for the lifestyle, as she will take any moment to encourage veganism. Mya through the years has also joined forces with PETA to raise awareness. The singer was joined by Russell Simmons and rapper Waka Flocka Flame where they had a roundtable discussion on their respective vegan journeys and its many benefits.

“I was awakened to things that my parents didn’t know,” Mya shared in the video clip. “I was raised on dairy. I was raised on pork, chitlins… steak, chicken, everything. Once I opened my eyes and was seeking knowledge, that’s when I received all the information – which led me to stick to it. So now it’s a lifetime commitment because now I can’t turn back.”

Mya and PETA continue in their relationship with the Washington D.C. native speaking exclusively to the organization on how adopting the vegan lifestyle changed her life for the better. Soon after getting over the hard part, which was giving up a lot of the foods that she grew up to love, she was able to fall in love again and even more with how veganism made her feel. She also shared that a lot of the health complications that she once faced, she no longer has issues with.

“I’m no longer anemic,” said Mya to PETA. “I’m intaking so many more healthy foods—obviously vegetables, nuts, greens, seeds that are iron-rich. Dairy causes mucus buildup, which is awful for singers. I don’t get sick! And my skin is clear. I lost 30 pounds. I don’t have to go to the gym as much.” With all of that, Mya also shared that she also receives a lot more clarity and less brain fog with being vegan.

 Eating meat is clearly a thing of the past for Mya, and perhaps dating meat eaters is as well. The singer participated in an interview with Madamenoire where she spoke on the struggles of dating a nonvegan on their “Spin And Spill The Tea” segment. Mya shared a story of a man she had been dating, who she also knew for over a decade, but her experience with kissing him was more like the kiss of death.

“Last year I had an experience with someone I’ve known for over 10 years,” the singer revealed in the clip. “He leaned in to kiss me and I smelled death on his breath. I was just like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’”

Sorry to that man!

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