“I Had Mary J. Blige Before Tupac”: Mary J. Blige Accused Of Sleeping With 16-Year-Old R&B Singer, Danny Boy In The 90s

If you’ve heard 2pac’s classics like “I Ain’t Mad Atcha” or “Picture Me Rollin'” then you have heard the voice of R&B singer Danny Boy. Chances are you’ve probably heard the 90s singer’s single “Come When I Call” featured on the Murder Was The Case soundtrack, or his debut single  “Slip N Slide”, on which a then-unknown Ginuwine was singing the hook. It’s been some years since the singer Danny Boy has been in the spotlight, but he’s reappeared with new claims of having ‘relations’ with R&B singer Mary J. Blige at a young age.

Dreams began to come true for a young Chicago-native Daniel Steward, born in 1977 when he signed a 5 year contract with Suge Knight’s Death Row Records.

After a few singles released and no album, Danny Boy and the label parted ways. The singer was next seen as a contestant on season 4 of American Idol on Fox. Steward was also married and fathered three children.

It would be around the year 2013 when he began to accept that he was gay, and in a 2016 interview with VladTV, he spoke more on the decision to finally come out of the closet.

Danny Boy has resurfaced again for another series of interviews with Vlad TV, but this time he’s telling a story that involves a time that he was at an award show when he was around 15 or 16 when Suge Knight called him to attend an after-party at a hotel.  The singer then details the experience and how, according to his allegations, he entered into a ‘relations’ with an older Mary  J. Blige. Born in 1971, Blige could have been around 22/23 at the time.     

He refers to Mary as the Queen of R&B, as she has affectionately been labeled for years.  “We up there chillin and drinking and drinking.  And I think after I left out for a little while…Suge called me back up to the room,” Steward says. 

“He said, ‘Come back upstairs man, ol’ girl wanna see you,’” he said of Knight’s call.  Steward states he didn’t know who Suge was referring to, as he believed it would be another woman that had been at the table.  When he arrives at the room, he alleges that fashion stylist Misa Hylton-Brim was “sitting on the bed with a sheet wrapped around her.” Steward claims that Blige was sitting on the couch and since he figured the “woman in the bed” was not who he was referring to, a confused Danny Boy proceeds to sit next to Mary. 

 Danny Boy then recalls that a knock on the door startled Mary, who responded by running to hide behind the couch.  He asked what her problem is and Blige allegedly responds by saying, “Make sure that isn’t [K-Ci].”  The artist also recalls how afraid she was from the relationship, so much so that she may have been suffering from PTSD (which he wrongfully labels as “post-partum”). 

Later that night the two order food and drinks while hanging out some more and according to Steward, Mary lays on the couch and places her head in his lap.  After a few more hours they went to the bedroom where they spent more time laying down together, but she tried to seduce him.  He claims that each time she would back up on him, he would move away.  However, that one night led them to hang out more times as he would go out to New York to see her. 

“That’s why I was kinda confused when I heard Kurt [Kobane] saying Mary was Pac’s girl.  At the time she was my girl.  I’m 15, 16 years old.  She’s flying me in to see her … Are you supposed to say you had s*x with people on camera?  We had relations,” Danny explained.

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