R&B Singer Monica Accused Of Trying To Date 24-Year-Old Rapper Tupac At 15

Singer Monica has just closed the chapter on her last marriage to Shannon Brown, but it seems like stories from her past are starting to resurface. The Atlanta powerhouse has build a career of her voice and beauty, but has seem that sometimes sidelined for the headline grabbing drama of her personal life. From infidelity, to abuse to even death, the stories of Monica’s love life have all the makings of a hit album. Its not being revealed the R&B star may have had her sights set on Tupac back when she was 15.

Early on her career Monica was linked to artists like Layzie Bone, Usher and Mystikal. These were are more so flings and not big relationships like the one she later develop with rapper Corey Miller. The two were introduced in the mid 90’s by rapper Foxy Brown. The two’s relationship remained relatively lowkey, despite Monica telling Vibe Magazine at the time how he cared for her during a brief health scare when she was 18. The two are rumored to eventually have gotten engaged. Monica also told Vibe that it became hard to balance their relationship and the demands of their careers, causing their eventual rift. “Distance drove us batty. The most I saw him was when I was in the hospital,” she told them.

Their relationship was controversial with many speculating that Monica was 16 at the time they began dating. C Murder was reportedly 26.

After their relationship ended, she went into a relationship with Atlanta rapper Rocko that lasted from 2000 to 2010 and resulted in 2 children, Rocko and Romelo Montez Hill.

After her Split with C Rocko she went on to date and marry NBA player Shannon Brown after meeting him set on her video for “Love All Over Me”. The two were married between 2013 and 2019 and had one child together, daughter Laiyah Brown.

Monica is now single and back on the market. She has been working hard to help get Corey Miller out of jail. Real name Corey Miller, he is currently serving time in connection to a 2002 incident involving 16-year-old Steve Thomas. He was sentenced to life on August 14, 2009 and has been held in the Louisiana State Penitentiary ever since. 

In a new interview talking about secrets from his time at Death Row Records, former producer Kurt Kobane spilled some tea on a possible love connection between Monica and Tupac. According to him, Monica tried to push up on the late rapper who was not going for it because of her age.

“He had everybody calling him,” he said of 2Pac. “I mean from Left Eye to Monica — and Monica was only 15; she wasn’t getting call backs or anything like that — you can’t name no female from ’95, ’96 that wasn’t calling 2Pac. Monica couldn’t get back there. She couldn’t get the phone calls. I’d be hanging out by the receptionist desk and a lot of times it was Monica calling. She could never get back to the studio. She was too young. She called a few times.”

Watch the full interview below where he also spills tea on Suge Knight and Halle Berry.

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