R&B Singer R. Kelly Trends On Twitter For Allegedly Being Released For Prison After Fan Falsely Claims He’s A Free Man

R. Kelly was free man for a couple hours today according to twitter, and a few not so secret fans got exposed for celebrating his release. The R&B singer has been embroiled in some legal issues that were rumored to be occurring for decades. Well the good news he’s not free, but that does not make it any better for those who decided to champion his freedom despite all the evidence point towards him needing to be behind bars still.

Those familiar with Kelly’s history can recall back when rumors first began to circulate about him being married to underage singer Aaliyah. He was introduced to the teenage star via her uncle, and eventually came on board to help executive produce, write and record her debut album. Their mentor relationship at some point became inappropriate with the two becoming romantically linked. The pair denied and downplay the rumors of their relationship, claiming that they were just “best friends”. However, the marriage license between them eventually surfaced, showing that 27-year-old R. Kelly had married a then 15-year-old Aaliyah, although the marriage certificate claimed that she was 18. The marriage was quickly annulled.

Other accusations of similar relationships came out over the years, but it was not until Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly that people finally began to do something about it. Campaigns to #muterkelly became so big it resulted in his label dropping him and charges being filed.

While many came forward in support of the women, there were still some that felt Kelly maybe be innocent or not at fault. Rapper Chingy spoke out in defense of R. Kelly, relating Kelly’s accusations to ones made about him and alleged relationships he had with trans women. “Why I compare this false allegation with this person I didn’t know with R. Kelly and his situation is because I’ve been in a situation where somebody’s lying on me and it’s been presented—lying on me several times [with] no evidence—and it’s been presented to the public as I’ve done something. It’s been slammed into their heads that I’ve done something only in these ‘media outlets’ and only from these news sources that say, ‘Oh, Chingy did this,’” reports HotNewHipHop.com.

Today video of R. Kelly appearing to exit jail went viral. The clip is over 2 years old, but that did not stop fans from celebrating his release. Check out some of their tweets below.

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