Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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R&B Singer Toni Braxton Challenge Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige To Verzuz Challenge, Gets Disrespectfully Shut Down By Fans

The pandemic brought artists together in the form of Verzuz to not only celebrate their careers and catalog of hits but also for our viewing pleasure and entertainment.  Although not a competition, the artists are pit together and fans naturally side with their favorite, or whoever played their best hits.  The battle started off initially between producers and hip-hop artists before including celebrated R&B acts.  

Many artists who have not participated as of yet are usually called out by fans as well as the creators of the battle, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, in the hopes that they will pop up and grace the battle, from Missy Elliot to Janet Jackson.  Fans got their wishes recently when Brandy and Monica joined together for one of the most anticipated of the Verzuz battles, bringing out a record-breaking six million viewers across all platforms.

Artists themselves have attempted to throw their hat in the ring as well.  T.I called out rival 50 Cent for a showdown in the Verzuz ring when he posted an Instagram photo and captioned it telling the “In Da Club” rapper to “pick a date”, as well as a video where he challenged the “scary” rapper.  50 responded to him in an Instagram post in petty fashion saying, “My run permanently damaged the culture, Get Rich or Die Expeditiously, Nah Bra were is my exhibit in the Trap museum. I moved more of that than y’all to  Facts!” The two have not settled on a date, if any, for the potential battle.

After the battle of the legends between Gladys Knight and Patti Labelle, another legend has come forward in the attempts to throw her hat in the ring.  Toni Braxton feels like she’s ready to participate, as she has the catalog to boost.  The Grammy Award-winner did an interview with Missy Elliot for “Interview Magazine” where she revealed that she is down to do it, however, she has a stipulation.  

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“I’m quite sure they called you,” Elliott said to the “Unbreak My Heart” singer. “You’re probably like, ‘Oh, no, I would have to do that segment [solo] dolo.’”  Braxton then replies to her in agreement, but shares “It would have to be me, Mariah [Carey], or Mary J. [Blige] or something. Us girls from the ’90s,” Braxton said. “But no, I haven’t put it on the register to do it yet.”

Upon hearing this news, fans thought it laughable and begun to drag the legend for the statement.  “They both would eat her up,” one commented on Instagram.  “No pooh Kelly Price or Faith Evans,” another suggested instead of Blige or Carey.  “SWEETY… BREATHE AGAIN,” one said using her song against her.  

Many fans believe that no one can see either Mary or Mariah in a battle, as they feel their catalog to be unbeatable.  “Mary eating everybody up,” shared one, and another chimed in saying “Mariah will mop her with all i want for Christmas” along with a laughing emoji. 

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