Reality Star Erica Mena Claims Bow Wow ‘Put Hands’ On Her and Ciara During Their Past Relationships

Rapper/actor Bow Wow hasn’t put a new album out since 2009’s New Jack City but after much delay, the rapper is ready to unleash what he’s labeling his final album.  The 34-year-old, real name Shad Moss, revealed to Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning recently that in the near future, fans can expect to receive his final solo album and that he has high hopes for it.

“I’mma say it, I’mma do one more album Ebro,” the “Ain’t Thinkin’ Bout You” rapper said. “It’s gon’ be the last one and it’s gon’ be called Before 30. I’mma have Snoop narrate the whole thing. It’s a different project.”

He continued, “I’mma give it to ‘em one time and the album is called Before 30 because everything that I’ve accomplished, I’ve seen it before 30.”  Certainly, the rapper has achieved a lot within his youth, having had his start at the age of 13.  Throughout Moss’s career he’s collected a good amount of hits and at one time was on top of the world.  However, at some point, his hits were diminished thanks to some other online behavior as well as past accusations.

A few years ago the rapper was the center of ridicule when a post he uploaded with a private jet proved to be a copied photo from another source, thus creating the  #BowWowChallenge.  Most recently he has once again faced criticism for hosting what looked like a private party with a bunch of women on a small boat, in the midst of a pandemic.  

Bow Wow has also been unlucky in the women’s department, particularly in his relationships.  His relationship with ex-girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie was riddled with mishaps and allegations of abuse, which spilled over to headlines when both were charged for a dispute amongst one another.  Leslie also suffered an unfortunate miscarriage while dating the rapper, originally claiming stress as the cause in an interview with Bossip.  However, she later went on a since-deleted Twitter rant that claimed otherwise.

Touching on the loss of her child she added, “Bet he won’t tell y’all the police been called out more than that one occasion and his family lied & covered for him that time.” Also, revealing the rapper was physical with her while pregnant. Leslie then claimed to have receipts for all of her claims, before placing blame on his family for knowingly covering up his actions. 

Bow Wow’s problems didn’t end there, because his other ex-girlfriend and now wife to Safaree Samuels, Erica Mena, came to social media to co-sign Kiyomi’s messages.  “Trust.  BELIEVE HER!” Mena exclaimed under TheShadeRoom’s comments.  A fan then commented on those folks that dismiss claims from women like Kiyomi and Erica when they are hurting.  “Y’all don’t remember when Erica Mena said some of the same things about Bow Wow,” the user writes before saying that “no one ever listens to women!”

Mena doubled down on her statements before bringing ANOTHER of the rapper’s ex-girlfriends into the mix, but with harsh claims.  “Thank You,” she begins her response, “I’m the tough girl so my story was never the truth but y’all see how round 4 played out. He broke Ciara finger years ago, so this been going on.”

Neither Bow Wow or Ciara have responded to Mena’s claims.

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