Reality Star Kim Kardashian Accused Of Having Four Kids To Take Over Kanye West’s Empire After Divorce By Luenell

Raw and uncut comedienne Luenell recently sat for an interview with VLAD TV and provided some interesting commentary on a variety of timely subjects, one major component being the enduring spectacle of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Luenell, with claims to the title of accomplished actress in addition to her stand-up comedy prowess, has appeared in several major silver screen projects including, Never Die Alone, Borat: Cultural Leanings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, Think Like A Man, Dolemite Is My Name, and the long-awaited Coming 2 America

The Bay Area, California native has also appeared in as many small screen productions, a three-decades and counting career in an industry that often serves as the standard bearer for “ephemeral” in the dictionary.

In her interview, after being baited in to providing her opinion, true to form, Luenell spoke candidly on all matters and even dismissing some of the most salacious rumors while speculating on the rationale behind some “facts.”

The prompt from the interviewer, who asked if she had her about “Jeffree Star…the transgender” seemed to catch her off guard. “What’s goin’ on catch me up to speed…I lost interest in Kanye a while ago…” She followed with, “Kim would’ve been the first to know. If he is…bi, it wouldn’t surprise me and it might be the reason he gotta stay the f*ck over there [in Wyoming] and ‘me in the kids is gon’ stay over here [in Los Angeles]’. He’s got issues with that choir, too, I hear. Word on the curb: they ain’t been paid…especially with somebody- like you said- got the money.”

The sharp-witted comedienne added, “I was always suspicious of the fact that Kim had to have four kids. You know: four. Like she had    two, that was cool…then she couldn’t even carry ‘em no more and she had to go surrogate and then she had to have one more. So I said, ‘maybe if he goes crazy’ she is insured to be able to take control of everything from the wardrobe line to the music to the this or that, because she has the four heirs…It’s a lot of that going around.”

The entirety of the interview can be seen on the DjVlad YouTube channel.

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