Twitter Users Claim Kim Kardashian Has A New Man, And They’ve Figured Out Who He Is

There’s been trouble in paradise in the Kardashian-West family for some time and it’s all spilling out in the media currently. Things have been awry for some time, and ever since Kanye’s troubled and controversial Presidential 2020 run, it hasn’t seemed to have gotten any better, with it now being reported that the power couple may soon be no more.

With the divorce news, many theories have been coming about from social media users.  With Kim and Kanye supposedly living in separate locations, Los Angeles and Wyoming, fans fave surmised that the two have been dating other people, specifically linking Kanye West to YouTube beauty influencer Jeffree Star.  While that theory which seemingly stemmed from a viral TikTok video came to life, another was also brewing on Twitter.

Ink has not yet touched divorce papers, and fans of the 40-year-old “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star are speculating that she is moving on with CNN commentator and friend Van Jones.  Kardashian and Jones have worked closely in the recent past on prison reform, as it’s been reported the pair met back in 2018 at the White House when she was seeking a pardon for Alice Johnson.

Van Jones is currently estranged from his wife of 14 years, Jana Carter, as they’ve been separated since 2018.  Social media believes that if Kardashian were to move on, it would be a great idea if the two actually pursued a romantic relationship.  “I try not to dip too deep into the gossip pool but Kim Kardashian & Van Jones is not far off base, she’s trying to pass the California Bar to become a lawyer. Van Jones is a lawyer. At least she’s calculated,” one person tweeted.  Another tweeted that “Kim Kardashian dating Van Jones is the craziest rumor I’ve ever wanted to be true.”

Jones has previously appeared on Watch What Happens Live in 2019 where in his interview with Andy Cohen, he called Kim Kardashian-West “brilliant” while also proclaiming that he believes she will make a good lawyer because she is “incredibly persuasive and persistent.”  Jones also revealed that he and Kardashian are in touch “a couple of times a week”.  

Check out some other fan reactions pertaining to Kim and Van Jones below.

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