Reality Star Kim Kardashian-West “Gives Birth” To Younger Sister Kylie Jenner In Bizarre Leaked Video For Kanye West and Tyga’s 2017 ‘Feel Me’

Back in 2017, rappers Tyga and Kanye West collaborated on a track called “Feel Me”, a single off of his fifth studio album entitled “B***h I’m The Sh*t 2”.  The rappers shot an accompanying visual for the record, however it has remained unreleased… until recently.

In a surprise drop on Wednesday, director and frequent Kanye West collaborator, Eli Russell Linnetz, unleashed the bizarre footage to Youtube that was originally shot and to be released in 2017.  The two also worked on West’s visuals for “Famous” and “Fade”.  It’s being reported that the video cost a whopping million dollars to produce, albeit resulting in the eventual shelving of the project. Although it is unclear why it has now made its debut the video was taken down shortly thereafter, however not before fans could cop a gander of the racy visual.  

Both Kanye West and Tyga share a commonality as the two have been/are currently linked to the Kardashian clan.  Kanye West is married to Kim, while Tyga was once the significant other to Kylie Jenner before splitting in April of 2017.  The visual for Feel Me features the stars of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” looking almost unrecognizable, scantily clad in lingerie and stilettos.

The song’s main artists are barely present in the video with very short appearances here and there, leaving the Kardashian sisters to be the main focus.  They are filmed as giants, parading around while a monster truck with “Calabasas” on it circles around, and occasionally gets picked up by them.  

Kylie and Kim both don blonde wigs for the clip. Kylie, unlike the usual long tresses she usually is seen in, is laced in a pixie cut similar to her mother’s and wears a matching cropped white tank top and panties set.  Kim is seen rocking a “wet and wavy” shoulder-length bob.

What has caused an immediate buzz for the leak was the ending scene which many are calling “disturbing” and rather strange.  For the visual’s closing, Kim, in angel wings, is ostensibly giving birth to her younger sister.  

The director spoke with E! News, revealing that the video took over five months to shoot, and also explained his reasoning for the “artistic” ending.  “The metaphorical meaning being that there would be no Kylie without Kim.”   It would seem as though Kim has indeed begun passing the torch to Kylie as she has launched her own highly lucrative cosmetic company, Kylie’s Cosmetics.  

Despite a long process of shooting, Linnetz also explained in the same interview the decision for why it was never released previously, claiming it was “because Kylie and Tyga broke up.” 

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