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Reality Star Nene Leakes Arranging To Coach Presidential Candidate Joe Biden For Next Debate, Says He Needs ‘Reading’ Lesson After Trump Attacked His Son

It’s fitting that NeNe Leakes wants to coach the Democratic nominee Joe Biden in his next debate against the oversized President Trump. After a debate unlike any ever seen, many wonder what the next one will look like. Shade Queen NeNe Leakes thinks she can make the difference in Biden’s strategy, seeing that she’s in a few battles of her own currently.

NeNe’s had a bevy of issues with the The Real Housewives of Atlanta over the years, with her complaints ranging from the run of the mill negotiation tactics like leaving or walking out from getting into physical altercations with other cast members and even production people over the years. She’s also been one of the cast mates that has left the show and then returned, which is causing many to wonder if her exit this time from the show is for real and absolute.

One of those is her friend, gossip maven Wendy Williams and Bravo’s Andy Cohen, who has been close to the franchises over the years, having served as the host for the reunion shows and even at one point being an executive at Bravo.

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In an interview with Cohen, Williams was asked by Cohen about Leakes’ situation with the show, and NeNe wasn’t happy with what her old friend had to say about her on the air – and took to Twitter to share her displeasure.

“I believe that this not a truth, NeNe has quit the show several times and you’ll have her back. NeNe likes attention, dramatic attention,” started Williams in response to his question. She explained how the franchise was useful for the cast members to drive promotion for other endeavors and that if NeNe left, she was unsure of how she’d make money.

“And what are they gonna do? Is it going to be like, Greg and NeNe, you’re going to give them another reality show? That’s boring,” said Williams before running a list of potential show ideas that could feature NeNe that would be “boring” if they ever made it onto air.

NeNe “read” the two on Twitter, while the show was on the air.

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“They ALWAYS manipulating black women to say negative things about each other while they sit and enjoy us tearing each other down!” said one of her tweets, before another asked for her followers to send their best discrimination attorneys to her email because “ITS WAR.”

She also called Williams, her friend who she’s been seen with numerous times, a “cocaine head” and hurled the allegation at Cohen that he was “racist,” which she’s done before.

If she can bring that kind of energy to Team Biden, then maybe they should sign her up – since she offered her services on Twitter while the debate went down in flames.

“Can somebody help me…I wanna coach Biden right before his next encounter wit Trump. He needs a read session,” she wrote.

During the debate, President Trump called Vice-President Joe Biden a number of names, including calling him straight “dumb.” Joe Biden, trying to remain professional on the air and follow the rules of the debate, finally gave in and said to Trump, “Will you shut up, man?”

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Maybe Leakes can be of service, since the old rules seem to no longer apply. Plus, she’s got time on her hands since she’s no longer on RHOA.

See a clip below.

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