Reality Star, OG Chijindu Claims Four Basketball Wives Refuse To Film With Her, Denies Costing Evelyn Lozada Endorsement Opportunities

Basketball Wives is gearing up for the debut of its 9th season. The flagship VH1 show is infamous for drama, and this season is proving to be no different.

Ogom “OG” Chijindu is returning to the series after taking a break from the show. The Legends Football League athlete alluded to her contract not giving her much of an option, so once again she’ll have to share the screen with nemesis Evelyn Lozada.

The two have had some very toxic things to say about each other both on and off screen. It all began with a bad joke on Lozada’s part, calling OG “Toe-G” and making fun of how her toes were hanging off the front of her heels. Its safe to say things only escalated from there.

Fans began to feel that Lozada was being colorist towards OG. She made several comments about her appearance, even calling her a cockroach in Spanish and has made references to OG being “aggressive”. These are insults typically made towards dark skinned women, and tap into a history of toxic shaming in the black community that has been prevalent for a long time, especially in the entertainment industry.

Many believe Lozada crossed the line when making a post geared towards OG that featured a picture of a monkey. “Nobody watches you harder then people that can’t stand” said the IG story.

OG responded via twitter saying “AND THERE iT iS.. SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS YOU R*CiST BiGOT..” with a screenshot of the post.

The ladies are currently embroiled in a legal battle. Lozada is suing OG for defamation of character while OG is countersuing.

Speaking on her return to the show, OG made it clear that while she was ok filming and even looking for some kind of reconciliation, several cast members were not open to filming with her. Speaking with The Neighborhood Talk, she said “I never at any point in time refused to film with anyone.” Out of the four cast members, she says two ultimately came around to shooting with her but the other two, she “never saw.”

She also claims that her lawsuit and racist accusations was not the reason Lozada reportedly lost endorsements. She says Ev lost those on her own due to aggressively “patting her p***y” while arguing on the most recent season of the show.

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