‘Relationship Guru’ Derrick Jaxn Dragged For Cheating, Now Being Accused Of Holding His Wife Hostage, By Rapper Cam’ron

Self-proclaimed “relationship guru” Derrick Jaxn is continuing to feel the rain of social media’s wrath as many still laugh at his downfall.  The constant criticism continues to pour on him from many ends on and off social media from those who have become familiar with his cheating scandal.  Now, rapper Cam’ron is joining in on the fun at Jaxn’s expense. 

Withholding nothing back, the Dipset rapper took to Instagram with shots ready to fire at Jaxn.  It appears as though the two had previous words, as Cam’ron claims Jaxn went into his comment section with some criticism of his own.   

“Where this cornball at,” Cam’ron asked his followers in the caption of the post. “You low now huh… Tried to come in my comments one day talking s**t. I told [people] he’s Waldo from family matters, he just found the weight room. Buddy was never cool growing up. He couldn’t sit at lunch with [people] in high school they prolly gave this n***a wedgies.” 

The Harlem rapper was far from done with Jaxn, who had much more to say in his post.  Continuing his onslaught, he wrote, “See social media allows you to be whoever you want and y’all be going for it. Now he’s hiding. See if you was cool wit some of the homies they woulda helped ya dumb a** out and told you what to do after you got caught. Instead you held ya girl hostage and made her do that dumb a** video, then when people told you it was dumb you erased it.” 

Cam’ron joins a plethora of others who had much to say about Derrick after the scandal.  Charlamagne Tha God also took time on The Breakfast Club to label him the “Donkey Of The Day”.  Along with comedian Andrew Schulz, he also discussed the situation while on their podcast Brilliant Idiots.   

“He literally s***s on men. It’s like a level of narcissism where he purposely doesn’t try to understand where another man is coming from as if he’s never made any mistakes whatsoever,” said Charlamagne. “And then he mischaracterizes people as well and he does it all for the benefit of his own pocket. So what you’re witnessing right now…is all of that energy coming back.” 

He continued, “One entity that you can’t fool is God. You can’t fool the universe. What you give to the universe, the universe will give back to you. The universe knows when you’re full of s**t. the universe knows! You may can fool me, you can fool the public, you can fool your wife – the universe knows, bruh! So when you out there saying you don’t have no sympathy for men that cheat on their wives? Guess what you’re experiencing right now Derrick? No sympathy.” 

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