Rihanna Celebrates Joe Biden’s Inauguration By Helping Donald Trump Move Out

Rihanna is celebrating the Presidential Inauguration in the most Rihanna way possible, with fashion. Fitted in pink heels, black leggings, and a t-shirt saying “end racism by any means necessary”, Rihanna posted a photo carrying garbage bags in the coolest way possible. “I’m just here to help. 🤷🏿‍♀️ #wediditJoe”, said the caption. 

The icon’s post was pulled from the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, in which she also was featured on the cover. The photo was appropriate due to the iconic nature of this year’s election, with Kamala Harris stepping into office as the first female, first black and first asian vice president. With the whole country feeling like it’s in the garbage after Trump’s one term presidency, it’s great to know that Rihanna is down to lend a helping hand with the trash. 

Rih has been in celebratory mode since it was announced that Biden and Harris would be stepping into office. Tweeting in November “The faces of history makers, boundary breakers, and WINNERS!! CONGRATULATIONS to you both, and mostly to the American people,” she tweeted after the election. “So much work to do, so much hurt to undo! Let’s GO! I’m so proud of you America!”

While she’s in better spirits towards Biden these days, the singer has not been shy to call him out in the past. Back in 2019 when the president stated that “poor kids” were just as talented as white kids. “Whoa! And he’s convinced he said something great here,” she wrote that August. “Even when they fake it, the truth about how they feel about us is blatant!”

One person she obviously hasn’t changed her tune on is outgoing president Donald Trump. Her sexy take-out the trash ensemble is the latest in a string of posts showing her disdain for Trump over the years. After Trump falsely declared victory on election night, she tweeted “Count every vote, we’ll wait.” And in August, she shared a photo of herself next graffiti art reading “F— Trump” and a hashtag counting down to Election Day. 

Rihanna was absent from the actual inauguration, which featured performances from Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez.

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