“Run That Lettuce”: Newly Single, Tyrese Gibson Reveals He Was Invited To ‘Vegan Adult Party’

Tyrese Gibson, model, singer, and actor with 25 years in entertainment has surely seen his share of absurdity.  

The Watts native first emerged in the 1990s on a Coca Cola commercial in which he famously walked onto a hot, crowded bus and sang, “La-la-la-la-la/Always Coca-Cola.”

He mesmerized the music world as raspy-throated crooner with hits like “Sweet Lady,” “Lately” and “How You Gonna Act Like That.”

Gibson graced the music videos of his female contemporaries often as an on-screen romantic partner and fronted more than a few advertising campaigns.

He also established himself as an actor with the John Singleton certified Hood Classic, “Baby Boy,” before becoming an outright pillar of the two-decades running Fast & Furious franchise.

Black TY, who once waxed elegiacally on the demise of his first marriage over his beautifully composed “Black Rose” album released in 2015, found himself in a similar state upon the dissolution of his second union, a marriage to Samantha Gibson at the tail end of 2020. 

In the time since, Tyrese has been bombarded with a new type of tomfoolery.

“My DM’s are crazy…… This single life ain’t sh*t but it’s entertaining af,” he commented via Instagram. “I just got invited to a vegan s*x party…… what in the entire f are y’all on out here…… left her on READ…. If you see this you are innovative but wtf????? Was I supposed to hit her back and say shoot me the addy? Run that lettuce? Hahahahahaha.”

He made another post chronicling his newfound singleness. In which, he responded to a follower in writing, “or just embrace the humor in it all… last week I was invited to join a woman of a helicopter she wanted to treat me to a ride up the coast from the air…. I turned it down because it wasn’t my idea…… And I don’t do well with being pursued maybe I’m old school but don’t buy me a drink or pay for my dinner from across the room or chase me I just don’t like it lol…… My ALPHA is a different kind of ALPHA I need sh*t to run and chase….. not the other way around.”

Fans and followers of the multi-hyphenate artist will surely stay tuned to what transpires next in his romantic life. If history is any indication, (he’s been linked to Melyssa Ford, Cameron Diaz, Sanaa Lathan and more in the past…) this story should be interesting.

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