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Safaree Claims The End Days Are Near Because Children Are Being Taught About Sexuality and Gender In School Instead Of Finances

Safaree is weighing in on school curriculum in a recent Instagram Live. The reality star has sone questions after finding out his niece was taking a gender and sexuality class. The former Mr. Minaj has had a history of homophobia and transphobic comments, so many concluded that his recent rant might be an attack on people with different gender and sexual orientations.

Last month he twitted about the recent branding changes the Mr. Potato Head toy underwent. When it was announced that the company would be switching to more gender neutral branding, some applauded while others scoffed at the iconic toy brand.

Safaree said via his twitter, “Mr potato head is reaching. your a potato n*gga what the helll you mean your gender neutral, who the hell be coming up with these ideas 30 years later.”

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Some may find his comments offensive, while others are just confused. Safaree has faced speculations surrounding his sexuality for years do to his flamboyant persona.

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He famous dated Nicki Minaj for years in secret, during which time people assumed him to be her gay best friend or assistant. However, homophobic and transphobic comments have alluded to the opposite. Even Nicki’s former manager Deb Antney speculated that he may be gay.


Via his IG live today he doubled down, saying that gender and sexuality studies are signifying the “end of days”. He said he was talking to his niece who told him she was currently enrolled in a college course about the subject matter. Safaree appeared visibly disturbed and upset, say he felt like the topic is unnecessary and taking away from more important lessons like doing taxes or buying homes.

“I just got off the phone with my niece. She’s telling me about the classes she’s taking in college. One of the classes is called “gender and sexuality”. You mean to tell me in this day and age, that that’s a major? These kids need to be learning about credit. Maybe 10 percent of what i learned in school I actually used in real life.”

Safaree continued “Gender and sexuality didn’t get me my house. This day and age and what ya’ll teaching these kids, wow. The end days are near.”

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The rappers comments are sure to offend many, especially since a large portion of his fanbase seems to be gay men who became fans of him during his relationship with Nicki. They also keep him paid via subscriptions to his Onlyfans account. No word yet on how this recent homophobic post may affect his audience.

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