Safaree Reveals He’s Bleaching His Skin Asking Fans To Not Judge Him During The Process

Rapper and Reality Star Safaree Samuels works hard to maintain a high profile. The former executive producer for Nicki Minaj has spun his brand off into television, film, porn, and much much more in hopes of keeping a check coming. In recent weeks its been his divorce from fellow reality star Eric Mena dominating his mentions, but he’s looking to shift focus and make a real lifestyle change. Safaree recently revealed that he is beginning the process of lightening his skin through bleaching.

Skin bleaching is a heavy topic in communities of color. There is a long history of skin bleaching African, African American, Afro Caribbean and South Asian countries to name a few. Celebrities from Beyonce to Rihanna have been accused of it, with stars like Azealia Banks admitting to the toxic skin treatment. Back in 2016 she proclaimed her love for skin bleaching, even nicknaming herself bleachzealia during the time frame. When criticized by fans, she pointed out that no one has an issue with other European standards assimilated by black women, i.e long straight hair or color contact lenses.

“It’s a deeper conversation into a woman’s right to choose, a woman’s choice,” she said. “Nobody was upset when I was [wearing] 30-inch weaves, tearing out my edges. You guys loved it, but what is the difference?” She continued “With being a black woman, at least for me, I can forget to be a woman and I just get really bent up on blackness and all of these unwritten rules that come with being black,” Banks said. “You kind of forget to give yourself a break sometimes. Blackness in today’s age is so paradoxical, it’s so many different things.”

According to reports “psychologists say there are underlying reasons why people bleach their skin – but low self-esteem and, to some degree self-hate, are common threads. A 2013 study by the University of Cape Town found that one woman in three in South Africa bleaches her skin. Most said they used skin-lighteners because they wanted white skin.”

Serena Williams was also called out for appear to bleach her skin. In a since deleted post, Williams was accused of looking lighter and possibly bleaching. She never addressed the photo.

Its unclear why or how Safaree is looking to achieve a lighter complextion, but he posted several emojis to demonstrate his plans, with two darker hand praying emojis and an equal sign to two lighter hand emojis that nearly appear to be white.

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