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Salt N Pepa’s Pepa Likely To Suffer For The Rest Of Her Life From Multiple Botched Butt Jobs, Sues Doctor For Injuries

Pepa is in the press again, as she’s taking a fight with her plastic surgeon to the courts. The Grammy award winning rapper and half of the iconic group Salt-N-Pepa, who are about to be feted with a Lifetime biopic in 2021, is suing her doctor for some botched work done to her that has made it hard to perform.

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While it may have made it hard to perform, it seems as if the emblematic rapper has at least finished her memoirs, which are due to be released soon. As with any upcoming book release, Pepa has been giving bits and pieces of her book as an exclusive to generate sales and excitement, including revisiting such stories as dealing with her ex-husband, Treach of Naughty by Nature.

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Treach wanted to clear room earlier this year about some aspects of his relationship and marriage to Pepa. He sat down with The Breakfast Club once it became clear that I’ll Take Your Man, Pepa’s memoirs, were going to include their time together and his long-standing relationship because of their daughter, Egypt Criss.

He also then talked about how the memoirs became their upcoming Lifetime movie and apparently, his proposed character was an abuser — something Pepa has accused him of in the past – which he claims was absolutely not true.

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“The character they put me out to be is like a weak, savage, abuser, which it wasn’t happening like that. I’d rather not be in the movie at all if it’s not actual, factual,” he said.

“We have a love-hate relationship. We good, it’s just certain things that come up from her book. And now there’s going to be a Salt-N-Pepa movie. I’m looking at the character they got for me and they want release it, but it never happened. ‘What’s Love Gotta Do With It’ was a good movie, but it wasn’t our story.”

While Treach is already trying to do damage control for his image in Salt-N-Pepa’s upcoming projects, Pepa is apparently trying to repair some cosmetic damage that was done by her plastic surgeon, culminating in February 2020.

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TMZ is reporting that Pepa is taking Dr. David Sayah to court for negligence after he talked her into 3 surgeries to repair damage suffered in a July 2018 car accident. The accident caused some other work done in her hips and buttocks to shift, and she was referred to Sayah in September 2019 for help.

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After trying to convince her to replace her butt implants, then the doctor performed an unsuccessful liposuction instead, which then resulted in another corrective surgery.

After another procedure and a third final surgery in February 2020, Pepa finally went and got a second opinion and found that Sayah had disfigured her, leaving a “large amount of biopolymer silicone and dead scar tissue remaining.”

As a result, it’s been difficult to perform, she’ll suffer from the injuries for the rest of her life and she believes she will need even more surgery.

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