Sara Jay Is Now Trending On Twitter, Thanks To President Obama


Former President Barack Obama has never misused his Twitter account like others in office tend to do but that necessarily HAVE to carry over to his account once he leaves office. Sure, he used to be President but why can’t he do what he wants?!

Well, he does and seemingly always has, since the news he follows porn star Sara Jay has resurfaced and started trending recently. Back in 2015, Jay told an interviewer that Obama followed her on Twitter – which is now 5 years ago. We’ve got a whole other President now, so maybe Obama was just following one of his supporters that had a blue check mark? Who knows!

So, who is this woman with a verified account? According to the Internet, Sara Jay is an accomplished porn actress that’s starred in movies since 2001. While her followers aren’t nearly as high as President Obama’s, her Instagram account has over 2.5 million followers, while her Twitter account boasts over 1 million alone.

Sure, star of films like Dirty Wives Club and Move Your Booty for Me might seem to not be your usual follow for a President, Jay is a citizen just like the rest of us and she was a fan of President Obama, as well! Back in November 2012, Jay tweeted, “Glad Obama got re-elected. I don’t feel like anyone can make a big impact in only 4 years. I think presidential terms should be 6yrs.” So, maybe the love was mutual?


Despite the inanity of it all, the Internet got into formation and brought back a GIF of President Barack Obama in the Oval Office on his phone – when Michelle walks in and snatches it out of his hand. In this moment of course, now it seems very apropos! I wonder if Michelle has had anything to say?


In any case, you can and should go look up Sara Jay for yourself during this coronavirus lockdown. PornHub, super streaming website for….well, porn, might and should step in to help you during these dark times. They did it for the people of Italy while they have been on lockdown. We’re not all millionaires like Barack but at least we know he’s definitely just like us regular folks!

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