“She About To Be Pregnant Again”: R&B Singer Ciara ‘Makes It Clap’ For Husband Russell Wilson, Fans React

R&B singer Ciara has many unknown talents outside of being a chart-topping artist and innovative dancer. Instagram just got a glimpse of what possibly goes on in the bedroom of the “Promise” singer and her husband, NFL star Russell Wilson, and perhaps we now know how the couple and parents of two have made their marriage last for five years!

Following a contentious breakup with rapper Future, Ciara and Russell Wilson began to date in 2015. A year later, they made the decision to take their relationship to the next level in 2016 with an engagement announcement and a lavish wedding at a castle in England.

Now that the couple has reached a milestone of 5 years of marriage, a celebration is in order and we love to see Black Love thrive! For quick “memory lane” purposes, let’s journey to when Ciara recalled meeting her now-husband after other high-profile relationships with the likes of Bow Wow, 50 Cent, and Amar’e Stoudemire.

Likening their initial encounter at an NBC wrap party like “a movie” while speaking to Angie Martinez she stated that they both “share the same feelings” about how the night felt for them, “It was a calm feeling all over my body,” Ciara recalled. “I also remember looking at him and I thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. And I couldn’t remember half of what he was saying … but when you know, you know. We say that and we also talk about being equally yoked. It’s just light. When it’s light, it’s right. It’s easy. Even in the toughest times.”

It was in this same interview that Ciara spoke about her infamous prayer that was full of intention, which God undoubtedly answered, and eventually birthed the “Ciara’s Prayer” hashtag on social media.

“I thought I was going to be single for four years, I had that in my mind,” Ciara admitted. “And I don’t know why that number was four years but I was really ready to take my time and be patient and let love really fall in place the right way. I desired something new, I desired something different, I desired to be loved [to] the highest capacity and to be loved the way that I deserved.”

The singer added, “I prayed for a God-fearing man. I prayed for discernment. I prayed for wisdom, to really learn from the wisdom that I’m gaining from the experience that I’m going through. I prayed for a man that loved kids, because, obviously me having my son, if you’re gonna love me you’ve gotta love him. I prayed for a man that was worldly as well. Because I love to explore. So, someone that was gonna edify my world, that was important to me. I was ready to level up!”

But what about Russell and how he feels? That’s exactly the sentiments that Wilson shared while chatting with Lala Anthony on Instagram Live before sharing what he prayed before he was led to Ciara. “Ultimately though, I never forget like being in a space like ‘what do I really want?’ ‘What am I looking for?’” he said. “And I think…I wanted a relationship, a long-lasting relationship. I wanted love. I wanted kids. I wanted family. I didn’t want perfection, I want the perfect thing for me.”

Wilson shared that he wrote down 5 things that he considered to be non-negotiable prior to meeting Ciara: He wanted a woman of faith, a woman who is faithful, an independent woman, a woman to love him the way his mother loved his dad on his deathbed, a woman that could tilt the room.

“I wasn’t gonna settle for three for five or four for five, we was going for five for five,” Wilson said before happily sharing “I got five for five, plus some more,” making Ciara cry in the video.

Five years and two children later coupled with helping to raise her son with Future, the couple is still going strong. Russell whisked his lovely wife away on a getaway to Venice, Italy, to celebrate. Ciara recently spoke with Essence and shared her excitement and why it’s important for her that they have lasted this long, as well as the importance of having a great man in her life as she had a son prior.

“I really think if I didn’t take the time to redirect my thoughts and really be intentional with myself and really focus on loving me—I honestly thought I was going to be single way longer than I was and God had other plans,” she admits. “I like those plans, but there’s something really sweet to that moment when you’re by yourself, too. I was a single mom before Russ came into my life and I know that’s a very vulnerable place, but it’s also room for opportunity to really level up and really be the best that I could be for my son. Being the best I could be for myself allowed me to be the best I could be for my son at that time. It also allowed me to be prepared when the love of my life came walking through that door.”

The couple no doubt looks like they enjoy a great time together. Often their good times spill over onto social media, such as a recent showing where Ciara was seen dancing to Soulja Boy’s latest hit “Make It Clap”. And Make It Clap she did.

Ciara was seen on her Instagram Stories recently and it appears that Russell is encouraging her in the background as he can be heard saying “all that a**”. Ciara then audibly and hilariously makes her butt clap instead of doing the moves that TikTok influencers have attached to the song. Check out the clip below!

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