‘She Knew He Had A Wife’: DMX’s Wife Wanted To Beat The Living H*ll Out Of Aaliyah Over DMX After Catching The Chemistry Between Them

It’s been a little over a month since Hip-Hop legend DMX passed away, and family, friends, and fans are still grieving over his loss.  Tributes and stories continue to still pour in, and now fans have got a chance to witness the TV One Uncensored special dedicated to his life, which includes an unknown story about him and R&B singer Aaliyah – one that angered his ex-wife. 

Fans can recall a time when DMX and Aaliyah would become somewhat frequent collaborators, both on and off screen.  The two appeared on the song “Come Back in One Piece”, the third single from the Romeo Must Die Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  Both artists also starred in the film, and the soundtrack as well as film were successful.  

Prior to that, both artists found massive success in their own right.  In 1998, DMX released both his debut album It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot, and the follow-up Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of My Blood, to critical acclaim.  Both albums have been certified multi-platinum by the RIAA and were armed with hits and crowd favorites that propelled the iconic Yonkers rapper to superstar status swiftly. 

R&B princess, Aaliyah, walked her way into the hearts of many with the smooth “Back & Forth” and other hits such as her cover of the Isley Brothers song “At Your Best (You Are Love).  Her sophomore effort, One In A Million, offered up even more massive hits such as “If Your Girl Only Knew” and “The One I Gave My Heart To.” 

The two stars would meet on the set of the 2000 action film Romeo Must Die, where Aaliyah was cast in the role of Trish O’Day and X would be cast in the role of Silk. Speaking to The Juice (as reported by Billboard), DMX reflected on the time that he met the “More Than A Woman” singer for the first time.   

“When I was on tour her and Joel Silver came to my dressing room to see if I wanted to be a part of the movie,” said the “Get At Me Dog” rapper. “Most people would have there people call, but she came herself. I’m like, ‘Is this a trick question? You have to ask me if I want to be in a movie with Aaliyah? Hell yeah.’ We [then] met up in Vancouver to [do] Romeo Must Die.” 

The rapper then began to reflect on the times that they shared as they recorded the film’s song “Come Back In One Piece” and it’s accompanying music video.  “We did the video in Mount Vernon and Yonkers. I got to bring Aaliyah to the hood. Not many people can say that.”  

Sadly, Aaliyah would pass away early in her life and career from an unfortunate plane crash.  DMX paid tribute to the singer at the top of the music video for her posthumous single “Miss You”.  

Dearest, sweet Aaliyah. I have trouble accepting the fact that you’re gone,” he said. “So I won’t. It’ll be like we went for awhile without seeing each other. But I can understand why God would have wanted you close to him. Cause you truly were an angel on earth. In my own special way, I love you and miss you.”  

Continuing in the Billboard interview DMX said of his late friend, “She was easy to talk to and down to earth. Aaliyah made you feel comfortable, with her and with yourself. That’s one hell of a combination.”  X even went as far as naming one of his children after the late singer. 

Sadly, this year DMX would pass away as well.  Joining in tribute to the Yonkers rapper was Diane Haughton, Aaliyah’s mother.  Taking to the late singer’s official Instagram account, Haughton writes, “Earl, you had and still have a heart of gold. You and Baby Girl will meet again with all the beautiful people we have lost. Will never forget your kindness. NEVER! Blessing to your family! Eternally! – Aaliyah’s Mom.” 

Just one month before X’s untimely passing, he shot an episode of TV One’s Uncensored, which would be his final interview.  The episode, which aired on Sunday, May 16th, showed the rapper in transparent moments as he recalled moments of his life and career. 

In the episode, X recalls the video shoot between him and Aaliyah in which there was definitely chemistry between the two.  “So, we’re shooting the video,” the rapper began. “I was married at the time so I brought my wife and my dog to the video set, and wifey’s holding the dog way over there. And as the scene went on, I’m sitting on the top of the bench and [Aaliyah’s] sitting in between my legs. She had on a T-shirt. At least I had on a jean jacket. So, in between takes, I was like warming her arms up.” 

His ex-wife, Tashera Simmons, then chimes in as she was none too pleased with what she was seeing.  According to DMX, the connection they shared was “insane” and although he noticed his wife’s rage he would “deal with that later.” 

An obviously enraged Tashera was able to keep her cool, although inside she was incensed.  “In my head I’m like, no this n****a ain’t sitting here on set like he ain’t got a damn wife. And, when I tell you I just stood there and I was looking and the next thing you know I see him look over at me. And he looked over at me with this look… And he just turned back around,” she recalls. 

Tashera continued: “I felt like ripping up the whole set that day… But I had to keep it together because I had to be the wife and woman of class. But I wanted to beat the living hell out of him that day I’ll be honest with you. And Aaliyah. Excuse me, I’m sorry Aaliyah. I’m like, she know better. She know he got a wife. I was over it. That was a time, yeah. I’ll never forget that.” 

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