“Shekinah Talked Too D*mn Much”: Shekinah Jo Told T.I. & Tiny ‘Bedroom’ Business, Now Her & Tiny Are No Longer Following Each Other Instagram

Lately, the problems that singer/reality star Tameka Harris, aka “Tiny”, have been everything BUT that.  Tiny and her husband, rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris has spent the better part of this year thwarting off serious allegations and accusations that have continued to pile up for them.  One of Tiny’s closest (on-again, off-again) friends Shekinah Jo was one of the few to come to their aid during the trying time.  But social media sleuths are determining that the pair’s friendship is in the off-season. 

Deep in the wilds of the allegations that the Harris couple were facing and continue to face, Shekinah hopped on Instagram Live to allege that Sabrina Peterson, the initial woman who blew the lid off of the whole debacle, had her own relations with the couple.   

“She ain’t talking about how she f*****d Tameka too,” Shekinah said eluding to Sabrina wanting Tiny being the reasoning behind her allegations. “I said what I said.”   

Shekinah posed questions to her followers as to why Peterson would do what she did to the couple when she, according to Shekinah, had been involved intimately with the couple.  Her statements would only seem to harm the couple’s case rather than help. 

Shortly after Peterson’s claims, she filed a defamation suit against the Harris couple, according to Vulture.  The publication obtained a copy of the lawsuit, which includes two claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, two claims of interference with prospective economic advantage, and two claims of infliction of emotional distress, for unspecified damages. 

Also included in the suit is Shekinah for her claims on her Instagram Live, which Peterson says are false.  Notably, Shekinah did come on to Instagram Live a few days after her initial fiery session towards Peterson to backtrack her claims.  

“Yesterday when I said what I said on the Live, okay, I was speaking out of hurt,” she stated. “I was just saying what she was saying about somebody else. I was just only saying that back to her. That had nothing to do with none of the rest of the women.” 

She emotionally continued, “I feel like she’s psychotic. That’s my opinion, ’cause I would never go and attack nobody. What y’all not gon’ do is pull me in something that I ain’t got nothing to do with. I don’t know Sabrina and Tiny and they friendship because they wasn’t friends when I came around. I cannot say that Sabrina recruited nobody for them because I don’t know. I know that ’cause Willy said that. I’m crying ’cause it’s hurtful, friend.” 

It’s been some weeks since Shekinah’s fiery rant in “defense” of her friend Tiny, but social media users have now discovered that the friends may not be friends anymore.  Instagram searches show that the two are not in each other’s follower sections. 

There has been no official reason given as to why the maybe former friends are no longer following one another, but fans are speculating it’s because of Shekinah speaking on the affairs of the couple.   

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