Singer Brandy Continues 26-Year Feud With ‘Bitter’ Thea Vitale After Ladies Exchange Insults On Twitter, Following Comedian Publicly Supporting Monica During Verzuz Battle

Brandy has been having a pretty cool summer as the R&B icon has been celebrating the release of AND heavy on the promo trail for her latest album “B7”.  The “Borderline” singer released her latest album on July 31 and saw a debut at number 12 on the Billboard 200 chart. The latest effort also debuted at number 9 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, which made it her 7th top-ten album on that particular chart.  Norwood also celebrated a placement at the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Independent Albums charts, as the album was her first indie effort. 

Additionally, the singer/actress is celebrating the recent release of the 90s television sitcom “Moesha”, on Netflix.  In it, Norwood plays the titular role of high school student Moesha Denise Mitchell and it focused on a variety of issues that teenagers usually face during social settings.  The show proved to be a massive cultural phenomenon as it helped to propel the “Never Say Never” artist into the superstar stratosphere, leading her to be one of the top acts of the 90s.

Prior to Moesha, Brandy had already gotten her acting chops up as she was cast in the Chris Stokes produced show “We Are Family” for a few episodes, and also as one of the stars of the short-lived sitcom “Thea” that aired on ABC from 1993-1994 for a total of 19 episodes.  The show starred comedian Thea Vidale and was based around a no-nonsense widowed matriarch of four children that worked two jobs: supermarket by day and hairstylist on her porch in the evenings.  Norwood played the role of Danesha Turrell, the second eldest sibling of Thea’s four children.

Yet, with a similar story to that of Moesha’s set life, rumors would begin to emerge of tensions on set between the stars.  Reports of Brandy and the show’s star not getting along would hit news cycles, and Vidale would later confirm that there were a lot of disagreements on set on an episode of VH1’s “Driven”.  Vidale would go on to say on the VH1 episode that Norwood would often forget her lines, and preferred singing over acting as she would constantly try to incorporate music into the show.  

“I’m tired of people coming at me sideways about Brandy,” wrote Thea. “I never said she wasn’t talented. I do and will always fundamentally disagree with her and her mama’s disrespect while we worked together on my sitcom. And I stand by that sh*t !!

“Your favorites can be wrong sometimes,” she continued. “Stop being selective about that, just because you like a celebrities work ! ! We are all humans who do sh*t that we need to be checked for, sometime !!!!”  She then mentioned others that have had issues with the artist.  “Sheryl Lee Ralph…Adina Howard…Countess Vaughn…and more,” she wrote. “I still wish her THE BEST.”

Brandy has caught on to Vidale’s comments and has chosen to respond to the tweets, saying “I would just have to say that Thea didn’t really treat me the way that I deserved to be treated. I was a child,” she says. “I respected her and I loved being on her show. I felt like that was the stepping stone to get to my music career.  I think that maybe she’s just a little bit bitter because I haven’t seen her do a lot since then. So I think it was just a way to get attention. I honestly believe that. She needs a little love right now.” In other words, Brandy believes Thea is bitter because her career pretty much ended after the show went off air.

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