Singer K. Michelle Claims Rasheeda Still Hasn’t Apologized

Love and Hip Hop once showcased a friendship between K. Michelle and Rasheeda Frost, until they turned into on-screen enemies.  Their once-close relationship became troubled when K. Michelle made tearful claims relating to her ex-boyfriend, who was proven to be producer and A&R Memphitz.  At the time, however, Rasheeda did not believe her friend, which was the beginning of the end.

“That man beat my a**,” the “Can’t Raise A Man” singer said in an unforgettable scene on the show in 2012 referring to Memphitz.  She then appeared on Wendy Williams’ daytime talk show where she further discussed the relationship, which set off a tirade from Toya Wright, whom he was married to at the time. 

In an interview with The Jasmine Brand, Wright slammed the singer, stating she was making unsubstantiated claims.  “If somebody abuse you like that, where is the proof, where is the police report, where is the pictures,” she questioned.

Attempting to brighten his character, she added, “Anybody that knows him for real just be like ‘what is wrong with this girl?'”  Memphitz would continue to deny that he had ever placed his hands on K. Michelle and attempted to tear down her credibility in multiple online rants. He even went as far as to sue the recording artist for defamation of character, which he would eventually lose.  He would also confess to the abuse.

Although it was proven that K. Michelle’s allegations were indeed true, Rasheeda still wouldn’t admit her wrongs, nor would she offer an apology.  A clip of the 2018 reunion show for the Atlanta edition of the franchise, which they were castmates on, was shared by her and she showed that she was still hurt by her former friend, and revealed she still had not yet received an apology.  

In the clip, Rasheeda is seen addressing her husband Kirk Frost’s mistress, where she tells her that she “doesn’t owe her anything.”  K. Michelle, however, felt that if she didn’t owe her husband’s mistress anything, she still owed her something. “A f******g apology.”

K. Michelle may not be happy with Frost anymore, nor has she been in the Atlanta franchise for some time, but she did share some thoughts on Twitter on her former friend’s situation involving Kirk’s love child.  When a fan asked her how she felt about their situation, she responded, “That’s a tough one. They seem really in love and we all mistakes. She knows her heart and her limits, I wish them well.”

However, The “Pressed” boutique owner said that she is not interested in reconciliation of any kind with K. Michelle.  “You know, some things are just not meant to be, you know what I mean?” Mrs. Frost said to the hosts on Sister Circle Live.  “I’m just a positive person. And I wish people well, and you know, continue your success and your blessings.  But sometimes people aren’t meant to, you know, be in each other’s lives like that.”

It doesn’t look like the two have made any strides in rekindling their friendship anytime soon, as Rasheeda and Mimi Faust appeared in front of VH1 cameras for a special to relive past moments from the show.  Upon viewing their past explosive altercation, Rasheeda made comments that showed they were still on non-speaking terms. 

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