Singer Nfasis Goes Viral After Showing Up To His Wedding In T-Shirt and Ripped Shorts

Wedding Day attire is universally known to be some form of suit and dress. In America, the black tuxedo white wedding dress combo is a go-to staple. This does not mean that people have not changed the standard – from different dress colors to different types of suits. Some people take it a step further and do themed weddings and themed attire. Or if you’re like Reggaeton musician Nfasis, come as you are, in a t-shirt.

If his name sounds familiar, it’s because Nfasis was responsible for a viral Tik Tok song last summer. His record “Tra Tra” was the theme music to the “Ahi Challange,” a popular 14-second dance that took the social media outlet by storm. Once popular Tik Tokers like Charli D’Amelio got a hold of it, the dance went viral, catapulting Nfasis to a new level of success. The dance was initially made by @elrodcontreras and has amassed over 1.3 million views. Understandably, Nfasis and his team renamed the official video for the song “Nfasis – Tra Tra (Video Oficial) Ahí Challenge” to capitalize off the song’s tik tok popularity.

Nfasis is a native of the Dominican Republic and has been quite popular for a few years. He over a million followers on Instagram and counting. Due to his large following, it’s no wonder he went viral once again this week for all the wrong reasons.

Nfasis recently wed Diane Vargas de Garcia in an interesting ceremony. Diane showed up in the classic wedding attire, a beautiful white gown. Many of the party’s guests also followed suit. However, Nfasis stood out in a plain t-shirt, cut-up shorts, and tube socks with sneakers. He captioned it “photos from my wedding” in Spanish.

In her own post, Diana said, “The delivery arriving at the wedding and didn’t bring the water bottle [insert straight face emoji] at least you should have worn a tie.”

Fans were pretty disappointed by Nfasis and took to his comments section to let him know they don’t appreciate his wedding wear. “Did he know he was in a serious relationship? Did he know the wedding date? Like what?” asked one fan.

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