Singer/Producer Akon Horrified After Being Robbed While Pumping Gas At Midnight, Car Stolen, Singer Currently In Atlanta Waiting For Police To Get Description Of Man Responsible

Seems there is no safe spaces anywhere when it comes to a crafty thief. There’s been an alarming amount of people getting their cars stolen while pumping gas. While the unsuspecting person is pumping gas or inside paying, someone manages to sneak into their driver’s seat and drive off with their car. Celebrities are not exempt, actually they are probably bigger targets as their vehicles most likely contain some high price items like computers, cell phones or jewelry. A lucky thief was able to get away with Akon’s white Range Rover this past week in but the star retrieved his good shortly after.

Akon is big rich. The successful musician has a string of platinum hits to his name stemming back to the early 00’s. From “Smack That” to “Locked Up”, “Mr. Lonely” and many many more. He’s also had a hand in the success of other stars such as Lady Gaga and T-Pain. So to say he’s done well for himself is an understatement.

He’s also been very generous with his money. He’s revealed plans to build cities across Africa with the latest plans being revealed in April. Speaking in a press conference on April 5 this year, Akon revealed that a new futuristic city will be coming to Uganda in the coming years. The plan has the backing of the Ugandan government, who announced that they’ve allotted one square mile of land for Akon City part two.

Anyone lucky enough to steal from Akon should walk away with a pretty come up for sure. As was the case when someone snuck into his car via the passenger side while he was pumping gas in Atlanta. Gas station surveillance showed a black sedan pull up next to his car, where the man jumped up and snuck into the white Range Rover SUV. He quickly speed off as Akon watched horrified.

At the time of the robbery, Akon had a number of high value items in the car, including a $25,000 diamond necklace and a $6,500 Louis Vuitton bag. Luckily his iPhone was also in the SUV, so he was able to use the FindMyPhone app to track his phone and stolen car to Lawton Street in southwest Atlanta. However, the car was already gone by the time police pulled up to the location.

A second attempt to locate the car proved to be successful, Akon was able to locate his phone in Forest Park, where Officer Steve Avery reported it was successfully recovered early Tuesday morning. While the car has been found and returned to Akon, there are currently no suspects in the case.

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