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“SMH, I Would Have Never Took This Picture’: 50 Cent Calls Out Rapper Lill Wayne For Endorsing Donald Trump

We are drawing closer to finding out who our next President of the United States will be, and more celebrities are coming forward with their support/endorsements for each candidate.  In what is being dubbed as the “most important presidential election of our time”, many voters are still undecided, and celebrities have been using their voices to encourage and sway those individuals.  Hip-hop has always been a genre where artists have been vocal on various issues, including politics.  Artists like YG, Eminem, and other prominent lyricists have taken a stance against Trump, but some rappers are showing their support for Trump.

Kanye West, who has been loud and proud with his support for Trump, and also who is currently on his own mission to run for President, told GQ magazine in April who it was that he would be voting for.  “I’m definitely voting this time,” the “presidential hopeful” said, “And we know who I’m voting on.”

“Gucci Gang” rapper Lil Pump also jumped on the Trump train lately.  “All I gotta say is Trump 2020, b***h,” Pump said in the video.   Rapper BlocBoy JB also came forward with his own endorsement.  “I’m Starting To Like Trump No Cap. Dude A** To Gangsta,” he wrote on his Instagram page, while later adding “Trump Might Would’ve Got My Vote If I Wasn’t A Felon,” followed by laughing emojis.

Rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent isn’t scared of being controversial and has effortlessly made his way into the headlines with his endorsement for Trump as well.  After news broke of Biden’s proposed tax plan which would call for residents in California, New York City, and New Jersey making over $400,000 to pay at least 60 percent in taxes, he encouraged his followers to “vote for Trump”.  He would later retract his statement amidst a wave of backlash, including from ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler, who offered to pay his taxes in order to change his mind.  “Hey f’er! I will pay your taxes in exchange for you coming to your senses. Happily,” she exclaimed on Twitter.  “Black lives matter. That’s you, f’er! Remember?”  

Fif has praised Trump as early as 2015 when he interviewed on The Meredith Viera Show and he referred to him as “amazing”.  “I think he’s amazing. The outrageous things he says, you know maybe that’s what [they say] we have in common,” he stated. “It’s like personality flaws, a little bit. It’s really interesting to watch, political pieces — I know that there’s people watching that wouldn’t watch, because it’s Donald Trump.

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The latest rapper to come forward in support for Trump is Lil’ Wayne, which comes as a shock to some while, not to others.  On Thursday, the “A Milli” artist shared a photo with him standing next to Trump, thanking him for a “greet meeting” that seemingly discussed the supposed “platinum plan” for Black America.  

“Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus,” Wayne tweeted. “Besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done.”

Wayne has made comments on his support on the police as well as his thoughts on racism in the past.  He spoke on how a police officer saved his life in his younger years during an episode of his Young Money Radio Show.  “My life was saved when I was young. … Shot myself. My life was saved by a white cop. Uncle Bob,” the rapper said. “So from, therefore, you have to understand the way I view police, period. … There was a bunch of black cops that jumped over me by that door with that hole in my chest. He refused to.” 

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In the past, he’s also made headlines for comments he famously made during an interview with ABC’s Nightline where he declared he “didn’t know what racism is” as well as denouncing the Black Lives Matter movement.  “I am a young, black, rich MF’er” the rapper said at the time. “If that don’t let you know that America understand black MF’ers matter these days, I don’t know what it is. Don’t come at me with that dumb sh*t, ma’am. My life matter, especially to my b—–s.”His controversial comments divided social media, and disappointed many of his fans, while he gained a new fan in Tomi Lahren, who praised him for his comments.

Fans are disappointed once more with his most recent photo op with Donald Trump, and he’s receiving criticism from fans as well as fellow celebrities.  In a turn of events, even 50 Cent joined in the conversation, sharing his thoughts on the matter as he posted the picture to his Instagram.  “Oh no…WAYNE…, I WOULD HAVE NEVER TOOK THIS PICTURE,” he captioned the photo.  

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