St. Lunatics, Ali Claims He Was Hustled & Abandoned After Writing Nelly Rap Verses, Never Received Credit

Some rap crews of yesteryear are crumbling right before our eyes and the latest to find itself in a form of exposition are the St. Lunatics.  Formed in 1993, the collective that brought us rap superstar Nelly also consisted of rappers Ali, Kyjuan, City Spud, and Murphy Lee (all childhood friends).  While they had an independent local hit called “Gimme What You Got” in 1997, it wasn’t until Nelly’s solo signing in 2000 that would help to propel the group’s name.  

It turns out that the once childhood friends may not be as close anymore as Ali is airing some grievances.  Taking to his social media recently, the “Boughetto” rapper is claiming that he was hustled by Nelly.  Ali posts of himself with his old buddy, and in the clip Nelly refers to them as “The Original hustlers since day one…KNOW THAT…ALWAYS,” which he also posts in the caption.  

Ali proceeds to give a bit of a history lesson on the St. Louis collective, stating that he “started the group, taught them how to rhyme, from writing to teaching them what 16 bars was & how to count bars.”  He then makes claims of the label they were signed to in the 90s not wanting Nelly’s verse on their single, which Ali fought for.  The single’s success encouraged a solo deal for Ali, however, he turned it down after realizing they didn’t want the rest of the group.  “I said ‘well now, I appreciate it but we come as a package,’” Ali says.

What came next would elevate Nelly’s status, but leave the rest of the group behind, according to Ali. In 1999 they were introduced to a man named Cudda, who he says was rapper Ma$e’s manager at the time.  He alleges that they met Cudda, “and he immediately started separating the group. He wanted Nelly and City spud. They left with Cudda (went to Harlem),” the rapper stated.  “The separation became The reality… They had left !!! We(The rest of the group) felt ‘HUSTLED’…. we were *1 until, The opportunity was presented to be *2 ..they hustled us!!”

Once Nelly signed to Universal, his manager (who also happens to be Ali’s best friend) places a call to him to let him know allegedly that  “Nelly said he doesn’t NEED YOU to help him write.”    This brings Ali to believe that he was “hustled” by his former friend.  “So you need me to get you here , but now that you’re here ….’I don’t need you anymore’,” he claims. “I said ok, i’ll stay here and I won’t help him write!! Some kind of way I ended up going …I ended up helping him write … but got no credit!! Wow !! I got hustled !! …..”

He adds, “Now..go back and listen to the video “The ORIGINAL hustlers” …. bravo, I can’t be mad Fool me once shame on you, …. Fool me twice shame on me!! You live and you learn.”  Ali’s rant continues within his comment section, where he shares why he decided to air out his issues with Nelly on social media.  “So I’m going to just move(Atlanta)… and make it were you can’t bring me back …. if I come at him (on social media)… that would put I nail in the coffin on me returning !!…. that’s what I needed (to remove the security net… which would force me stand on my own)….. and that’s what he needed (to move forward without me …without any doubt,” he says.

Nelly has not responded to Ali’s claims as of yet.

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