“Stay Outta Women Business”: Offset Doesn’t Understand Why Snoop Dogg Is Concerned About Cardi B’s WAP, Says Rappers Talk About The Same Stuff

It’s one thing that Offset makes undoubtedly clear: he doesn’t play when it comes to his wife.  No matter what situation the couple may be facing, he evidently loves Cardi B and doesn’t allow for her to be spoken on without his say so.  In the past, Offset has come to her defense for comments from fans or critics, and as long as they may continue to come in, he’s going to continue to stand by her (even though she’s known to hold her own).

Cardi B’s success and rise to become one of the top rappers currently has been somewhat meteoric.  With four #1 singles under her belt, a few top tens, and streaming numbers/sales surpassing millions, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has been on a roll.  Even with the delay of a sophomore album and space between her single releases, she doesn’t look like she’s ready to slow down at any moment.  Yet, there are some who have felt like this year’s recipient for “Woman Of The Year” at the Billboard Women in Music Awards (making her the first female rapper to hold the title) is undeserving of her success and all that she has accomplished.

Cardi has been subjected to hate from trolls and critics since the start of her career it seems.  While she has defended herself numerous times from them, and sometimes would delete her social media accounts at times due to the amount of hate she has received, her husband has been her biggest cheerleader and has let it be known that he will ride for his wife no matter what.  He took to his Twitter to speak on the constant criticism his “Clout” collaborator has received. 

“Every bartender stripper with the dream of getting out the club it’s nun wrong with that but my wife help guide ur life to try to rap,” Offset tweeted once to her critics, before telling those “at home on the couch” who have things to say about her to leave her alone… in a sense.  He then continued within the same tweet that he was “not talking bout established artist like the legends and the ones before Cardi. The same ones hate are motivated by the wife she did the unbelievable”

After he retweeted another fan that “He was just saying Cardi Gave all these new chicks hope. They rap because of her,” he added, “We rich over here so ya hate don’t get you paid I stand on what I said.  Let’s make a bet my girl against any artist man or woman.”  Some moments later, he returned to his Twitter to offer advice to his fans, and also seemingly subliminally to his wife.  “Beware of hate in ya circle Beware of success comes with hate Beware of being great or greater than expected u gone get bigger than ppl,” he advised.

Cardi’s latest single “WAP” and its accompanying visual was the talk of the summer this year and received widespread critical acclaim from many fans and publications who praised the song for its content and more. However, there were many that felt that the raunchiness of the song was excessive, mainly a lot of conservatives. The criticism did nothing to slow the overwhelming success of the song, which lived at the number 1 spot of the Billboard charts for some weeks before continuing to live near the top of the charts during its descent.  

Rapper Snoop Dogg, aka “Uncle Snoop” has recently come forward with his thoughts on her collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, months after the song’s initial release.  “Slow down. Like, slow down. Let’s have some imagination,” the “Sexual Eruption” rapper stated in an interview with Central Ave. “Let’s have some, you know, privacy, some intimacy where he wants to find out as opposed to you telling him.” The rapper continued, “To me it’s like, it’s too fashionable when in secrecy, that should be a woman’s…that’s your prize and possession.”

Some fans seemed to find his comments a bit hypocritical due to the content of his older material.  Lyrics like “Guess who back in the MF house/With a fat… for your MFmouth” from his song “Aint No Fun” were brought into the picture for the rapper to reminisce on while speaking on Cardi’s “WAP”.  Offset has now come with a response for his elder in hip-hop.

TMZ caught up with Kulture’s father recently and when they approached him asked him what his thoughts were on Snoop’s comments.  “I love Snoop man, but she grown. I don’t get in female business,” he said to them. “I hate when men do that. I don’t do that.”

Offset continues, referencing the success of the song and saying that’s a reason enough for his criticism to be null and void.  “It’s entertainment, you know what I’m saying? That’s a number one record,” he said. “Anybody can say what they wanna say, that’s six-time platinum in three or four months…it wasn’t that bad cause it went No. 1.”

He added, “As [male] rappers, we talk about the same s—t. It’s a lot of women empowerment, don’t shoot it down. We’ve never had this many artists that’s female artists running this s—t. They catching up to us, passing us, setting records…I don’t want to seem like I’m dissing at Snoop,” he clarified. “At the same time, I say all men should stay outta women business.”

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