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Stephen A.Smith Ethers Kwame Brown’s ‘Failed’ NBA Career With 15 Minutes Of Bloopers: ‘He Can’t Play A Lick Of Ball’

The Kwame Brown saga continues. The NBA vet has been in the news a lot lately thanks to on going beefs with several other NBA players as well as popular spots commentator Stephen A. Smith and radio morning show host Charlamagne Tha God. Most of the drama stems from opinions on Brown and his NBA career, which despite and impressive start was largely lauded for being overhyped. While Brown has been busy taking everyone to task via his Instagram and Twitter accounts, it was Stephen Smith who delivered the ultimate blow with a 15 clip of “highlights” from Brown’s career.

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Kwame Brown’s career in the NBA has been polarizing to many. The South Carolina native was drafted first overall pick by Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards back in 2001, straight out of high school. Kwame Brown then went on to become one of the most notable draft busts in the NBA’s history. He went on to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, Memphis Grizzlies, Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Bobcats, Golden State Warriors, and Philadelphia 76ers before leaving the league in 2012. He left with the reputation of being one of the worst draft picks of all time and has been the subject of many jokes over the years.

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Stephen A. Smith once called Brown “bonafide scrub.” This lead to Brown unloading a scathing triad on the ESPN commentator. He offered to fight Smith one on one in Seattle, “the only city when you can have hand to hand combat without signing a waiver.”

Smith initially intended on taking the high road, responding via twitter saying “I will do no such thing. I will not waste my time. That man is right; he’s been retired for years, yet all of us have been guilty of getting on him from time-to-time. He has every right to speak his mind. Go for it!”

Well after Brown continued to taunt Smith and several others, Smith decided to fire back in truly petty fashion. During a segment of Mic Drop, Smith reminded Brown that all comments on him have been purely professional and not personal. None of the attacks against Kwame Brown have been against him as a person but aimed at his career in basketball. Smith continued to stand by his opinion, “Kwame Brown cannot play a lick of basketball”, before playing a 15 minute blooper clip of Brown’s NBA career.

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