Stevie J’s Daughter Threatens To Call Cops On Reality Star If He Celebrates Father’s Day After Being Absent Father

Well, it may be safe to say that Stevie J will NOT be receiving the “Father of The Year” award. At least not from his daughter, Savannah. Father’s Day is supposed to be a joyous celebration of fathers who have made simple yet impactful movements in there children’s lives, simply by being a father. For Savannah, she feels quite the opposite about her celebrity father.

Stevie J is more than a record producer, reality star, and television personality. He’s also a father to six children whose mothers include his co-star on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez. He shares two children with ex-girlfriend Carol Antoinette Bennett named Steven Jordan Jr. and Savannah Jordan.

Now that Savannah is all grown up, she’s also become a reality star in her own right, like her father. She’s made a few appearances on Love And Hip-Hop with Stevie J, and appeared on other shows such as Wild N’ Out as well. Currently, she is a cast member on Growing Up Hip-Hop.

Jordan recently revealed that she wanted to join the WE TV show because “I grew up Hip-Hop. And like, how much more Hip-Hop does it get than Stevie J,” she said in a behind-the-scenes interview with We TV cameras.

On her relationship with Stevie J, she said, “Growing up with my dad, our relationship was pretty off and on, but ultimately he’s been my best friend. So, we’re growing up together. It’s cool,” Savannah stated.

One of the perks of being a daughter to a famous music producer included growing up and being around multiple celebrities and watching the process behind the scenes. Savannah expressed that one of her favorite memories with her father was accompanying him on the 2016 Bad Boy Reunion Tour. “We was lit, every day,” she exclaimed. “It was soooo fun!”

Their relationship came to a head while on GUHH when Stevie J kicked Savannah out of the house, leading her to have to stay in an Airbnb as a new resident of Los Angeles. According to Savannah, it was over her untidiness that spilled over into a “messy” argument in which she says she “told him about himself.” Stevie tells the cameras in his confessional that his daughter has a “spending problem” and with that, it elsewhere cuts to Stevie confronting his daughter about her love for “daddy’s wallet.”

Regardless of how things may be between them, one thing remains clear that for the Jordans, it’s family over everything. Things got heated between Savannah and Stevie’s ex, Joseline Hernandez, aka the “Puerto Rican Princess” when she got tired of Joseline’s shady and “toxic” ways. The two traded insults over social media as Savannah stepped in to defend her father.

Savannah gave an exclusive interview to MEAWW where she, along with her brother Stevie Jr., went further in detail on their relationship with Stevie Sr. “I think it’s more he’s in my business. That’s what we get,” she said on her father kicking her out of the household. “It’s not a clash or disagreement at all because the only person that is having any problems at all with that money is him. I’m totally straightened. Forward and together with all of my finances.”

Stevie Jr. added, “Well, he came to some of my basketball games. He was supportive when he could… It’s pretty much done the same. We’ve been doing this for multiple years, I guess nothing’s really changed.”

Well it appears the switch on their relationship is back on the “off” position, if a recent post on Savannah’s Instagram Stories have anything to say on the matter. She posted a meme that read, “if my dad celebrate father’s day I’m calling the mf police.” In order to further stamp that she was not playing, Savannah captioned the post “No Kizzy”, which according to the Urban Dictionary is defined as “no lie” or “no cap”.

Stevie has not responded to Savannah’s claims. We hope they can work it out and not only switch their relationship back on, but maintain it.

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