Stevie J Claims Late Friend, Notorious BIG Would Be Happy About Him Marrying Faith Evans: ‘ I’m Sure He’d Be Happy That She’s Happy’

One of the most shocking marriages to occur in the public eye was the news of Stevie J and Faith Evans’ nuptials.  Perhaps knowing that they would receive the criticism they did, the Jordans decided to have a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas.  Since then, the couple had become inundated with much skepticism from critics and fans alike, who questioned Faith’s choices especially knowing Stevie’s past dealings.

Amid the skepticism, the Jordans continue to press on in their journey from longtime friends to lovers, and now husband and wife.  When one fan commented under a photo that Stevie shared to his Instagram with Faith saying that the two were “rock solid”, one fan brought their disapproval to the comment section.  

“I just wanna know how u used to be sitting with biggie and she was married [to] him… anybody from the street [know] loyalty everything,” said the fan.  Unable to ignore the comment Stevie responded, “I hear you though. We are 20+ years [afterward] and we are married & happy. Take your issue up with GOD.”

The couple would have a further opportunity to speak to those skeptics who shared the same sentiment that Faith’s ex-husband and legendary rapper The Notorious B.I.G. with “Raq Rants” host Raquel Harper, via TMZ.  When asked about how they think the late rapper would have felt about their union, neither feel that he would have objected.

“Listen, it’s 27 years later and I’m sure he’d be happy that she’s happy,” said Stevie J.  “He’d be doing his thing. I just make sure that she’s good and we’re good. Long as me and her are good, and the kids are good — between us we have 10 children, so that’s a lot.”

Faith also stated that she too feels that the Brooklyn rapper wouldn’t have minded due to their previous friendship.  “If I started dating Lil Cease or Nino [Brown] or Banger or somebody, then I would look at myself like, ‘B—h, what are you doing?’” she said. “And I had a whole ‘nother 14-year marriage between this marriage and Big,” Evans said, referring to her marriage to Todd Russaw.  

The couple have since continued to share pictures of their journey through love, romance, and marriage, often sharing that they are thinking about having more children.  Currently they have 10 children between them, but are thinking of using a surrogate as told by Faith to Wendy Williams.  However, even though it’s been years Faith acknowledges that she will always be tied to Biggie.  “Biggie was my first true love, he will always be acknowledged as such,” she’s said to TMZ.

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