Struggling Waitress Blessed With $2000 Tip, Surprised After Restaurant Refuses To Pay Her

The service industry has been right up there with front line workers keeping life semi normal during the pandemic. Restaurants have managed to stay open and keep food deliveries going for those trying to social distance. Tipping your food delivery people is crucial to make sure these people can continue working and making a living. Here’s some stories of famous tips in the news recently.

Jimmy Fallon kicked off the new year with a socially distanced dinner at Kissaki Sushi in Water Mill, New York with wife Nancy Juvonen. The couple reportedly left a $400 tip and stopped to take pictures with fans. The restaurant enjoyed some free press and extra money that day.

In November of 2020, Tom Selleck of the hit show Blue Bloods left a hand written note and a $2,020 tip on his $204.68 bill for the servers at Elio’s restaurant in New York City. In the letter, Selleck gave shouted out his costar Donnie Wahlberg, who inspired him to share his good fortunes and good wishes with others.

50 Cent surprised workers at a local Burger King in his hometown of Queens, New York. He pulled up to the drive through with instagram influencer Jay Mazini to drop more than $30,000 cash in tips. They had every employee come to the drive through intercom and tell them how they were doing during the pandemic. Then they told the group that they were there “to show love to you guys,” and handed out cash bundles to each of the workers. 

For one Texas woman though, it wasn’t a dream come true when she received an over the top tip. Emily Bauer, 21, had been a server for under 2 months at the Red Hook Seafood and Bar in San Antonio.

While waiting on a customer, Bauer was very apologetic for the slow service that day. The name, who said he’d owned restaurants before, explained that he understood and didn’t mind.

“He was like ‘It’s okay, I’ve owned restaurants and I understand how it is to be a server.’ I was like ‘thank you for understanding,’” Bauer told The Post.

“He was like ‘You know what just cancel the drinks, cancel the rest of everything and just give me my ticket.’”

When she came back she realized he’d left a $2000 tip.

“I was like ‘oh my gosh’ and I started crying. I was like ‘wow’ and I tried seeing if he was still at the restaurant but he had left already,” she told The Post.

Her joy quickly turned to sadness when the restaurant told her they couldn’t process tips over $500.

“I was sitting at a table and the other servers were congratulating me and [my manager] came over and was like, ‘Rule No. 1. Never accept a tip like that because you’re never going to get it,’” Bauer continued.

The management refused to give her the tip, or even $500 of it. When the man called up to see if she’d received it, they informed him as well that she would not be getting the money. The woman was also refused the right to call the man and that him. Bauer expressed that 2020 had been really hard for her, and having this blessing blocked made it even worst.

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