Suge Knight Calls Diddy A “B—h A—“ and Reveals Tupac’s Still Alive, Says If He Wasn’t Alive They’d Be Arresting The People Responsible In Past Interview

Before he was in jail, Suge Knight was still an oversized presence in the entertainment industry, especially around Los Angeles. While his son Suge Jacob Knight has tried to fill the void in his father’s wake, the legend of Suge Knight’s connections to Tupac’s death still live on, in some way or another.

Suge J. Knight, who appears as “Jacob” (his middle name) on the VH1 reality show Love & Listings, has used his famous name to get into the world of real estate in Los Angeles in an attempt at capturing some of the shine of his father’s legacy on his own. The show has finished a second season. At the end of the first season, he had just received his real estate license and was anxious to get to work rebuilding the family’s lost fortune because of his dad’s many crimes and jail sentences.

The elder Suge Knight is still serving 28 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter and part of the show was watching Jacob deal with his father’s incarceration and strict communication protocols as he struggled to pass the real estate licensing exam.

He told Billboard last year about what his father meant to him and how it intersected with his real estate dreams. “My dad was a superhero to me. I just want to make him proud,” Knight said. “And since we were unable to talk, it gave me the ambition to get into something that he could at least read about.”

Jacob has also been a part of stirring up trouble with regards to some of his father’s relationships with others in the industry and it’s not from selling houses – much like his own father used to do back in the day.

A couple of years ago, he claimed that the legendary rapper was actually still alive, shacking up in Malaysia and recording new music. While there are no legitimate reports to support his claims, Suge J. Knight has shared a number of “new” photos of the star. He has also claimed that he will be releasing “unreleased” Tupac music on the “New Death Row,” though there’s been no word of this.

Both Suge’s got involved a few years ago in some beef with Nick Cannon and Eminem over Mariah Carey on Fat Joe’s song “Lord Above.” After Eminem dropped some Nick Cannon disses, Cannon went back at him with a diss cut featuring his crew — and none other than Suge Knight from jail by phone.

“Nick is family, and this is your invitation to prove to everybody else what you’re about. Winner takes all. Eminem’s a bih,” starts Suge on the track, before the rest of the team starts in.

Suge Jacob Knight then went on a social media rant before deleting most of the posts, in which he counted a lot of the various ways that he thought Eminem “sucked” in defense of family friend Cannon and to show his loyalty to his father.

It’s a similar motif his father has used over the years, including back in 2014 when he told TMZ outside of 1Oak in Los Angeles that Diddy was the one that killed 2Pac, apparently.

“Everybody know off the top, I ain’t the n—-a that killed 2Pac, I’m the n—-a protecting 2Pac, but at the same time, b—h a– Puffy can get him a mother*in’ star, and every rat in the world says he killed 2Pac, or had him shot.”

Knight’s bombastic rant ended with him declaring, “2Pac’s not dead, if he was, they’d be arresting those dudes for murder. You know he’s somewhere right now, smoking a Cuban cigar.”

It’s easy to see where the younger Suge takes his playbook from.

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