T.I. & Tiny Urged To Turn Themselves Into Authorities & Admit Crimes They’ve Committed After Trying To Strike Deal, According To Attorney

Another day, another scandal to be added to the tumultuous puzzle that is the T.I. & Tiny debacle.  The Harris couple have been doing their best to deflect from jarring allegations, but if attorney Tyrone Blackburn has his way, they will pay.  The way they will pay, however, is not in the way they would like it.

This year has been a trying one for the Harris couple.  It all started when their former friend Sabrina Peterson opened pandora’s box with salacious accusations.  From there, the fallout continued to get deeper and deeper with the couple losing their VH1 show.  Following that announcement, Marvel Studios announced that T.I. would not be returning as his role of “Dave” in the third installment of the Ant-Man franchise.

And now, the heat seems to be turning up more notches with the entrance of attorney Tyrone Blackburn of T.A. Blackburn Law.  Blackburn is calling for the immediate investigation of the couple. 

“Criminal allegations span over 15 years of methodical, sadistic abuse against women in various venues throughout the country,” Blackburn said during a press conference on Monday, March 1. “This matter is ongoing and I suspect will evolve with the passage of time as more persons of interest come forward.”

Among those accusing the Atlanta rapper are another former friend that ultimately became an assistant, an exotic dancer, and alleged intern for the rapper’s studio and record label, Grand Hustle, who was a teenager at the time.  The New York Times has also reportedly spoken to five people with claims.  Three of the five alleged cases were supported by messages or pictures.

“We are here now to raise awareness,” Blackburn also said, “and it is the responsibility of the authorities to do their own investigation and to prosecute as needed.”  T.I. and Tiny’s attorney Steve Sadow, has come forward with a statement on behalf of the couple denying the accusations.

“Clifford (T.I.) and Tameka Harris deny in the strongest possible terms these unsubstantiated and baseless allegations,” the statement read. “We are confident that if these claims are thoroughly and fairly investigated, no charges will be forthcoming. These allegations are nothing more than the continuation of a sordid shakedown campaign that began on social media. The Harrises implore everyone not to be taken in by these obvious attempts to manipulate the press and misuse the justice system.”

However, in a twist, Blackburn is claiming that he was contacted by Sadow previously to try and cut a deal.  “Steve Sadow reached out to me looking to make a deal on behalf of T.I. and Tiny and I told Steve Sadow my clients want justice,” Blackburn said. “So [if] the deal involves Tiny and T.I. turning themselves in and admitting to the crimes they have committed then fine we got a deal! But if it does not work then I would prefer the investigators do that work and to bring criminal charges against Tiny and T.I. for what they’ve done throughout the years.”

It appears there will be no rest until the Atlanta couple are behind bars.  Keep it locked here for more updates.

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