T.I. & Tiny’s Son, King Harris Seen On Video ‘Squaring Up’ With Man For Touching Him, Goes Into Car To Grab A Bag and Begins Confronting Man

Rapper T.I and his wife, Tiny Harris, have had a rough year. The power couple has seen various allegations pause any plans they may have had for 2021. Not only has their show been postponed, and they have lost friends and money, but it has to be taking a toll on their children. The family is used to sharing their lives, but this level of over-exposure may be overwhelming during such a tough time. Several of their children have also found themselves under a new microscope, as people scramble to understand what exactly is going on in their home. 

The crazy allegations against the couple have been harmful already. In addition to the next season of their show T.I & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle being postponed indefinitely, the couple will soon have to deal with a mountain of legal fees connected to the various cases filed against them in Atlanta and Los Angeles. In addition, T.I. was not asked to return for his role in the third installment for the upcoming Marvel film “Ant-Man”. Attorney Tyrone Blackburn is wasting no time looking for justice for the 11 people claiming to have been assaulted by the Atlanta based couple. The victims include eight women who have come forward with eerily similar claims. The other three accusers include a young man, his mother, and Sabrina Peterson, their former friend and the starting point of all this madness.

Their kids have all had to face some backlash via social media. Zonnique was blindsided by an overzealous fan on her I.G. live. The young man, who initially joined her live asking to rap for her, exploded into a tirade demanding answer about her parents recent allegations. He repeatedly asked how many people her parents had in “the dungeon” and if she too was keeping people hostage. Zonnique maintained her calm and let the fan vent while she smiled and sipped her water. “You feel better?” she asked at the end.

Son King Harris was recently caught on video getting ready to square up on some people who approached him the wrong way as well. The young man can be seen going into his car to retrieve a bag after he alleged someone touched him and tried to talk crazy to him. While it’s unclear what they may have said and if it was tied to recent issues with his parents, one can only assume. Whatever the case, the young man seemed to hold his own, and it might be the last time someone comes at King Harris sideways.

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