T.I. Under Fire After Claiming “Whoever Is Paying 100% Of The Bills In Relationship Has 100% Of The Say” Unless Married

T.I. is one extremely opinionated rapper who is known to speak his mind on whatever the topic of discussion is.  For the last year, the Atlanta rapper has stepped into the swiftly expanding podcasting realm where his unfiltered comments have been given much more of a voice on his own show, expediTIously.  Many of the show’s episodes have reached headlines for different soundbites, and his latest one with rapper 21 Savage is no different.

The rappers’ conversation on the podcast touched on many different topics, with 21 Savage speaking on his rise to fame, as well as many other subjects. Although now signed to Epic Records, the “Mr. Right Now” rapper revealed that in the earlier days of his come up, he had asked T.I. to sign him to a million-dollar deal, to which he declined to do for good reason.  

Seeing a greater potential in 21 Savage and feeling he would be better off independent, T.I. explained his decision.  “I had the same conversation with Thug,” revealed T.I. “If I give you a $1 million, I’m going to take 10 times as much because that’s just the way the game goes. If you want to maintain ownership of your art and equity in your art, you need to go through those tough times in the beginning. Can’t accept upfront money and cushion your blow. You have to go ahead and get it out the mud the same way you do anything else.”

When the direction of the rappers’ conversation turned towards parenting, T.I.’s comments became controversial as usual, specifically when he spoke on spending time with his daughters.  Both men found common ground when they spoke on the level of protectiveness they have over their daughters versus their sons, “Because sons can’t get pregnant,” T.I. said around the 1:07:00 mark. 

“You can’t keep her from running into one of them n—s. Me and Lil Duval call it thot prevention hours. Keep your daughter off the pole. You spending time going to daddy-daughter dances and taking her on trips where it’s just you and her, those are thot prevention hours.”  

He continued, “You don’t do that, they’re gonna be somewhere in Magic City tryna figure it out. That is absolutely necessary for any father.  If you ain’t putting in your thot prevention hours and your daughter end up a dancer, don’t blame her now. You did not set an example. You did not show what the f—k it was that she should be doing versus what she’s doing.”

These were not the only comments that he made that caused backlash on social media.  The conversation went on to discuss matters within relationships, particularly the financial roles.  When they discussed whether or not couples should go “half and half” on certain expenses and household bills, the “Pardon” rapper states, “The dumbest thing anybody ever did in life, in the history of humanity – to pay the cost and not be the boss… Man, woman, or child. Whoever is paying 100% of the bills, has 100% of the say, unless you’re married…”

T.I.’s comments, of course, did not sit well with women on social media users who felt that he was being hypocritical, once again, when dealing with his children, as well as misogynistic.  Many called the rapper out for his “dumb” and “embarrassing” comments on Twitter.  ”His obsession with his daughters sex life is so uncomfortable, like WHY does he keep talking about sex and his daughter,” wrote one user, and another wrote, “Dad’s don’t be a T.I.”

One user broke down his comments with a response of their own, pointing out the flaws.  “1. Your son can get someone pregnant, so you wouldn’t hold him accountable? or is it that you support him abandoning a child 2. Acknowledge the way you treat your wife before trying to have “thot prevention hours” 3. You’re disgustingly obsessed w/ your daughters sex life,” they wrote. Another felt sorry for his daughters tweeting, “So his motivation to spend time with his daughter is to keep her from being a stripper? Thats it? Reducing her down to her sex life and career? I feel sorry for her bc i know she heard this.”

Not everyone found fault in his comments, however, as some chose to support the rapper being protective of his daughters.  “Are people really mad that T.I. said him spending time with his daughters are thot prevention hours?! How is that him calling his daughters thots,” questioned one of his supporters. “He said spending time with them is his way of preventing them of becoming that.. mfs love to be mad about somethin.”  Another user said that they understood what the rapper meant by his subversive statements.  “Thot prevention hours = Quality time. That’s all,” they tweeted. “He’s just tryna turn it to sum’n catchy and it fell flat. That’s fine. I get what he’s saying. It’s quality time.”

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