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T.I. Under Fire After Claiming “Whoever Is Paying 100% Of The Bills In Relationship Has 100% Of The Say” Unless Married

T.I. is one extremely opinionated rapper who is known to speak his mind on whatever the topic of discussion is.  For the last year, the Atlanta rapper has stepped into the swiftly expanding podcasting realm where his unfiltered comments have been given much more of a voice on his own …

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T.I. Claims A Father Spending Time With His Daughter Is ‘Thot-Prevention Hours’ To Keep them Off The Pole, Says Every Father Must Do It

Rapper T.I. seems to keep getting in trouble for the views that he shares on his podcast ExpediTIously with T.I. The rapper more than likely doesn’t believe most of his comments to be controversial but in 2020, all bets are off the table. Celebrities are getting pinged left and right …

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“Y’all Would Hate Tupac If Tupac Was Alive Right Now”: Charlamagne Tha God Under Fire For Alleging Tupac Would Be Hated If He Was Alive Today, But Still A Legend

Television personality, author, and one of the co-hosts of Power 105.1’s nationally syndicated morning show The Breakfast Club Charlamagne Tha God is never one to hold back or bite his tongue.  The best-selling author is known to speak his mind and has caught a lot of flack for some of …

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