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Jaguar Wright Reveals There’s A $500,000 Bounty On Her Head, Says Someone Has Been Following Her For Six Weeks, Suggests Clive Davis Has Something To Do With It

Jaguar Wright. Say it five times in the mirror and watch mayhem ensue. That’s been the dominant through-line related to her diatribes on her music industry contemporaries all year. Juicy truth-bombs or the ravings of a Mad Black Woman, the perception of her entertainment ‘inside baseball‘ have takers on all sides. View this post on Instagram #dalladelphia #dallaslife […]

Jill Scott Claps Back At Jaguar Wright, Refers To Singer As ‘Small Dog Barking’ While Praising Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Common, and Diddy 

For what seemed like no apparent reason, Jaguar Wright has spent the last several weeks on what looks like a mission to target and tear down a bevy of artists and expose some alleged secrets.  While a majority of the artists that she’s called out have seemingly chosen to ignore her, it seems like Jill […]

Jaguar Wright Accuses Singer Tevin Campbell Of Selling Himself For Money and ‘A Fix’ Singer Ready To Take Legal Action

Tevin Campbell was just chillin’ out, living his life, and minding his business when all of a sudden he became the victim of another one of singer Jaguar Wright’s tirades.  The singer had another sit-down where she chose to place the “Can We Talk” singer in an unsolicited line of fire.   Campbell was one […]

Jaguar Wright Vows To ‘Put Hands’ On Alicia Keys, Accuses Singer Of Stealing Husband Swizz Beatz To Hide Preference In Women

Singer Alicia Keys has been celebrating the release of her self-titled seventh album Alicia, but with success comes a dash of controversy and it seems as if it’s her time in the spotlight. The singer has successfully maintained a career in the industry, but it hasn’t been without controversy. Now, fellow singer Jaguar Wright is […]

Legendary Singer Aretha Franklin No Longer ‘Queen Of Soul’ After Being Dethroned By Singer Alicia Keys, According To Mercedes Benz, Fans Demand Company and Singer Issue Apology

Alicia Keys dropped her seventh studio album, Alicia, over the weekend and has been hitting the promo trails heavy.  The album was oft-delayed due to the pandemic but finally was granted a release on September 18th.  Along with the album’s release, the 15 time Grammy Award-winning artist was also named along with British six-time Formula […]

Singer Alicia Keys Expected To Be Pregnant at 16, Selling Her Body or Battling An Addiction, Now Considers Herself The Underdog That Made It Out Of Hells Kitchen

Alicia Keys has gone from “Underdog” to “Girl on Fire”.  Over the weekend, the Grammy award-winning artist just unleashed her seventh studio album, simply titled “Alicia”, and is heavy on the promo trail for the latest effort.  The album, originally scheduled for release earlier this spring, was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, Keys […]

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