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Big Sean Reveals Kanye West Only Paid Him $15,000 To Sign ‘Slave Deal’ With Good Music

It’s an unfortunate age-old practice for many of your favorite artists to be both signed to and stuck in aggressive contracts.  A vast majority of these contracts last for years into their career, tieing them to some producers, managers, or labels in some form or another.  While they seem to be thriving …

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Rapper Big Sean Reveals Making Girlfriend Singer Jhene Aiko ‘Climax’ Nine Times In One Day, Fans React Saying They Understand Why She Tatted His Face Now

A soulmate is one who shares a strong connection with you, that doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic.  A twin-flame, however, brings a bond so intense and so magnetic, it’s destined for the two to be together.  When many think of Jhene Aiko and Big Sean, they view the embodiment …

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Rapper Big Sean Reveals Wanting To Take His Own Life, Rapper Admits He Had To Seek Therapy Because His Energy Wasn’t Connecting

Detroit rapper Big Sean hasn’t been shy about his personal struggles with his mental health in the past.  Over the weekend, the “IDFWU” rapper released his fifth studio album “Detroit 2” (a sequel to his 2012 mixtape “Detroit”), and in the midst of celebrating the imminent success of the album …

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