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“There Are No Words To Explain This Pain”: Bobby Brown An Emotional Wreck After Losing Second Child, Says It Has Devastated His Family

Brown’s once again in mourning as he has lost a son that had appeared with him and Whitney Houston on their reality show at one point. With the death of Bobby Kristina back in 2015, Brown’s suffering another loss of another child that never made it to 30. View this post on Instagram A post […]

Bobby Brown’s Son, Bobby Brown Jr. Passes Away at 28, Found In Los Angeles Home, 5 Years Following The Passing Of Daughter Bobby Kristina

With the globe in the middle of a pandemic, there’s already been a lot of people lost this year unfortunately. While the cause is yet to be determined, it appears as if famed R&B singer Bobby Brown has just lost another child. View this post on Instagram A post shared by LOVERBOY🐐 (@b.brownjr) Brown had […]

Bobby Brown Vows to Smack Every Tooth Out of Chris Rock’s Mouth For ‘Crackish’ Joke Aimed At Late Whitney Houston: “Thought You Was A Friend Of The Family”

Bobby Brown’s a legend in his own right and he’s been reclaiming that title during the quarantine. The R&B singer has had a long career in the entertainment industry, starting from a very young age and still on the scene today. One of his long-standing relationships was questioned in a resurfaced post that left many […]

“We Didn’t ‘Suck’ Our Way Up”: TLC’s T-Boz Calls Out Jermaine Dupri After Producer Takes Credit For Singers Voice

Now that the world has shifted, more and more artists are using their celebrity to create their own platforms, interviewing their friends and using their influence to create new ways to keep busy while they’re kept off the road. Rappers especially have used the quarantine to launch podcasts, with T.I.’s show once again getting called […]

Bobby Brown Claims He Taught Michael Jackson How To Moonwalk, Singer Suggest The King of Pop Seen Him Doing It First

Bobby Brown is once again claiming he taught Michael Jackson his signature moonwalk. The first time Bobby Brown made this claim was back in 2017 during an interview with Shawn Setaro of the Cipher, when Brown claimed he was the first person to do the Moonwalk in Boston. “I had a few moves that was […]

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