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Comedian Mo’Nique Filmed Stopping ‘Beautiful Black Queen’ Wearing Hair Bonnet In Public While Hiking In Stone Mountain

Some people just don’t know when to quit, and it’s looking like Mo’Nique is one of them. The award-winning actress has been at the center of the “Bonnet debate”, which has arrested the attention of many social media users within the last few weeks. Mo’ also said that if she …

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Mo’Nique Called Pathetic After Posting Unflattering Photo Of Black Woman At Airport In Bonnet & Pajamas To Be Judged By Millions Of Fans

Mo’nique has been on a campaign to “educate” women on how they should look, act, and appear to be “presentable” while in public lately. Her mission, should everyone choose to accept it, is to have everyone set and be the example rather than “look any old way” and have themselves …

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Rapper Plies Wants There To Be A Law Created Against Black Women Wearing Bonnets Outside Of Their Home, Says It’s Suppose Be Used To Sleep

Not many rappers grab the attention from their followers like Plies.  The rapper often pops onto to his social media platforms with a hot take or opinion, gaining multiple reactions from fans.  You know never know what to expect coming from the rapper, but if you follow Plies you know that you’re …

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