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Didn’t She Bring Chicken To The Met Gala: Tiffany Haddish Blasted After Telling Women To Stop Wearing Bonnets In Public

The “bonnet chronicles” continue as the argument on whether or not this age-old style of protective hair coverings should be seen or worn in public. The debate has drawn mixed feelings from social media users. Many feel as though bonnets should be left at home as it appears “ghetto” and …

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Chad Ochocinco Dragged For Pushing His Teen Daughter To Get A Job While Attending High School & Playing Sports, Says He Had One and Maintained A 2.2 GPA

Chad Ochocinco always has some colorful commentary to offer the world. The successful athlete is world renowned for his talent on the field and mouth off of it. He has been named one of the most influential athletes on social media by CNBC and and played for 11 seasons in the NLF …

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