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Rapper Common Believes Black People Can End Racism By Extending A Hand Of Love To White People

People have been trying to feed American citizens that are may be ignorant to the nation’s history that “America is not a racist country.”  However, given many of the past and present situations that have been occurring on the daily to Black and Brown people, that statement can easily be …

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Serena Williams 37-Year-Old Husband Alex Ohanian Reveals He Never Heard Of Washcloths Or Used One Until She Taught Him After They Started Dating

File under Funny: Alex Ohanian, Reddit co-founder and husband of tennis G.O.A.T., Serena Williams says that, she “definitely taught me what a wash cloth was.” In an exchange over Twitter last week between he and actor Joel Saxon, he responded to a prompt on hygiene. Saxon posed the question: “When showering are you a …

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