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‘I Wasn’t Black Enough’: Whoopi Goldberg Claims Black People Treated Her Like Sh*t & Challenged Her Blackness For Many Years

Whoopi Goldberg has accomplished so much within her career in Hollywood and has managed to remain consistent.  Her talents have allowed her to span across audiences outside of the African-American community.   But the multifaceted actress has recently revealed that her harshest criticism has come from none other than the Black community.  The EGOT …

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“Count Your Days”: Cardi B Sends Warning To WWE’s Vince McMahon After Sabotaging Her WWE Debut

Cardi B is learning the price of fame more and more, even though she’s been in the game for years.  The “WAP” rapper is used to being criticized for any and everything that she’s done, including the massive release of her 2020 Megan Thee Stallion assisted single.  Cardi is also …

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