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‘I Had To Remind 50 Cent He Was Black’: Chelsea Handler Tells Rapper He Can’t Vote Trump Because He’s Black, Says She’s Willing to Pay His Taxes

50 Cent is finally worried about ‘writing a check that his mouth can’t cash’ but Chelsea Handler has proffered her bag as a financial backstop so to speak.  Last week, while watching a CNBC infographic about the tax implications for residents of different states under a hypothetical Joe Biden presidential victory, the rapper and actor […]

“You Mismanaged Artists & Stole Money Your Whole Career!”: Diddy Dragged By Fans and Past Bad Boy Artist, Aubrey O’Day After Announcing New ‘Black Party’

Election season is heating up, and celebrities are doing everything they can to be in the midst of the conversation in the hopes to get people to vote.  Some rappers have been in the headlines in this season with some criticisms attached to them during this time, such as Ice Cube with his “Contract With […]

Ice Cube Under Fire For Leaving ‘Black Women’ Out Of His ‘Contract With Black America’ He Shared With Trump Administration, Says Black Women Should Write Their Part

Ice Cube might just melt under all the heat he’s been under lately, and the flames just continue to fan higher and higher.  Ever since the rapper/actor was outed for his work with Donald Trump under the guise of his “Contract With Black America”, waves of backlash continue to crash his way.  The “Fist Fight” […]

Rapper 50 Cent Reveals He’s ‘Bankrupt’ and Looking For A Loan, After Endorsing Trump For President, Says He Doesn’t Want To Turn Into 20 Cents

50 Cent is making his home in the headlines recently after news of a recent endorsement for Donald Trump.  The “King of Petty” isn’t shy of being in the news, and is just one of the latest high profile Black men to voice their support of Trump in some way.   View this post on […]

“How Much Do You Guys Expect Black People To Take?” Actress Amber Riley Says Trump Supporter Spat On Her Car

Amber Riley, former Glee actress was just minding her black a– business, when all of a sudden out of nowhere, a Trump supporter came and turned her day around.  Riley joins a long and growing list of people that have been attacked nationwide at the hand of his supporters, unfortunately.   View this post on […]

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