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“We Didn’t ‘Suck’ Our Way Up”: TLC’s T-Boz Calls Out Jermaine Dupri After Producer Takes Credit For Singers Voice

Now that the world has shifted, more and more artists are using their celebrity to create their own platforms, interviewing their friends and using their influence to create new ways to keep busy while they’re kept off the road. Rappers especially have used the quarantine to launch podcasts, with T.I.’s show once again getting called […]

Rapper T.I. Trashes 50 Cent Music Catalog, Insists He Has Five Classic Albums, While 50 Cent Only Has One ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’

50 Cent’s been on the warpath lately, defending himself and trolling others all at the same time. The Power producer and star is once again making his opinions known, whether or not anyone asks him, which is what we’ve come to love about 50. Once again, he’s into it with T.I. over the music and […]

Rapper Lil Kim Responds To Female Rappers Stealing Her From And Not Giving Props, Says She Wants Checks, Not Flowers

When one discusses the pantheon of legendary female emcees, you gotta’ put some respect on the name of Kimberly Denise Jones, better known as Lil’ Kim, the Queen Bee.  A brash upstart in the Biggie Smalls headed Hip-Hop crew, Junior M.A.F.I.A., Jones has been dropping incendiary verses on tracks since the Mid-90s. Her debut solo album, entitled Hard Core, […]

Rapper Fat Joe Sparks Heated Debate After Labeling Rapper Drake “The Michael Jackson Of This Time” Says Everything He Does Goes Number One

Fat Joe’s gotten another hustle during the pandemic and it’s been mostly him interviewing people he knows while they chat about their various careers and swap stories. He’s minted himself as a relatable interviewer, if not at times controversial for his and his guests takes. Now comes another moment of ire mixed with a batch […]

Rapper Fat Joe Reveals Jay-Z Stopped Drake From Being On The ‘All The Way Up’ Remix Because Jay-Z Didn’t Want Any Extra Artists On The Record

Rewind back to 2016 and Fat Joe and his Terror Squad collaborator Remy Ma had a hit on their hands with their rap group reunion duet “All the Way Up,” taken from their joint album Plata O Plomo. The song became a radio smash and hood classic, having gone double platinum in the US. It’s […]

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