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Derek Chauvin Now Investigated For Leaving Black 14-Year-Old Unconscious With Knee To Neck For 17 Minutes

The George Floyd verdict has signaled a win for people of color and allies in the fight against police brutality. Derek Chauvin, the officer arrested for his passing, was found guilty in a court proceeding that kept the world glued to their screen and social media feeds for the better …

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LeBron James & George Floyd’s Brother Disagree On Las Vegas Raiders ‘I Can Breathe’ Tweet, LeBron Offended While Philonise Floyd Agrees With Tweet

While many are celebrating the guilty verdict in the case of George Floyd, its only a small victory for a country that continues to remain divided, with another person of color losing their life at the hands of an officer only hours after the decision went public to convict Derek …

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Candace Owens Blames Cardi B, Lil Nas X and George Floyd For Holding Black People Back

Candace Owens is looking to ruffle a few feathers today with a new tweet aimed at George Floyd, Lil Nas X and Cardi B. The New York Times best-selling author isn’t holding back and has many people upset. Her first target, Floyd, is the black man who’s life was taken …

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